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Review: Sneaker Pimps NYC Recap

Sneaker PIMPS

[Edit: Found some videos of the performances at 2DB via Miss Info, Jadakiss’ is above]

Friday night brought sneaker heads, video gamers, skaters, hip-hoppers, and skinny-jeaners of all sorts together for Sneaker Pimps NYC, a sneaker showcase and concert at Terminal 5 in Manhattan sponsored by Verizon and XBox.


I showed up unfashionably early, made my way to the way top because the main area wasn’t open yet. The lady friend and I checked out some sweet kicks, like the homie rocking the SB Blazer “Kiss”, then spotted the empanadas at the bar.

A heads up to anyone headed to Terminal 5, the chicken empanadas are ON FIRE. Even taking medication for these head-aches I’ve been suffering from lately, I had to scoop a Heinekin before the festivities to quench the California forest fire-esque burning in my throat.


Doors opened finally, we headed right in and proceeded to post up somewhere where shorty could see. I wanted to go to the first floor but she insisted on the 2nd so her petitite self could see. Dah well, as she wished.


In typical hip-hop fashion, doors open at 8 but the real concert didn’t start til closer to 11. Being only a semi-sneaker head, I spent my time critiquing the opening acts and checking out the various booths. That MJ drawing got much better throughout the night, wish I got a before and after shot but I didn’t stay ’til the end.


The first act was some duo from Seattle that I don’t feel like Googling with one member rocking skinny jeans, a blazer and a yellow scarf. Oh, and the music was lame too.

Don't Sleep On The Ladies

I dipped off to check out some of the booths. The Female Sneaker Fiends definitely held it down on the 2nd floor, as did the bartender for hooking me up with a couple more Heinekins.

DJ Clark Kent

In between sets, big-time sneaker head DJ Clark Kent held down the 1’s and 2’s. He rocked a fire Biggie/Brooklyn set then the obligatory Michael Jackson mix, though he didn’t play “Billie Jean” it was still a quality tribute.

Ferris Bueller

Really, the only opening act worth noting was Ferris Bueller from Texas since his set was the only one that wasn’t garbled nonsense about “going to clubs and doing drugs” or other generic shit. One group signed to Duck Down records brought out Buckshot, I didn’t get any pics but I recorded some video that’s not cooperating with me right now.

I hadn’t heard much about Ferris Bueller before the show, but his set was crisp and quite entertaining, what a relief.



After what must have been the longest game of rock-paper-scissors ever to decide who would open the billed acts, DC’s own Wale took the stage. He looked energized performing “Back In The Go-Go,” crowd-pleaser “Nike Boots” and single “Chillin.” He then almost got into it with a heckler before tossing a pair of squeaky-clean sneakers to the crowd. This was my first time seeing him live, and I’m impressed. He’s got star qualities – charisma and the ability to connect with the crowd – I hope he makes it big, at least semi-big [II].

Cool Kids

Next up was Chicago/Detroit duo The Cool Kids, Chuck Inglish & Mickey Rocks. The highlights for me were a blend of “88” over the instrumental from Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story” and a thumping rendition of “Champions.” They ended with a lackluster “Pennies,” so I’d say overall it was decent. Nothing more, nothing less.


Glancing at my watch Blackberry, I knew I could only catch one more act now that the undercards were done. Blame it on me taking the train in to the City or hip-hop taking its sweet time. I choose the latter.

Yonkers veteran and D-Block representer Jadakiss ran through his deep catalog, smashing oldies like “Knock Yourself Out,” “We Gon’ Make It” and “Welcome To D-Block” from his earlier days then new jams “Can’t Stop Me” and crowd favorite “Who’s Real.” ‘Kiss is one of the more overlooked rappers of the past decade, so it was great reminiscing on his thorough career.


Unfortunately, I had to skip out right before heavyweights Clipse and Big Boi to catch the last train to Jersey, planning FAIL. The homie JFK informed me Clipse did a short 3-song set and Big Boi killed it. Figures I’d miss out, however I got back to the Garden State safely.

If I can get the videos I shot uploaded, I’ll post separately. Until next time.. Peace!


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