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Introducing: shano


[Photo Credit: Dan Norton, I’m Not Dan Norton]

Music is what life sounds like.

-Eric Olsen.


Some stories are just impossible to express in words. 

So, when New York producer Shane “shano” Harris wanted to tell his personal story, he opted for the only medium natural to him – music

His story manifested itself in his first solo LP A Butterfly In Boston, an album that relies on jazzy samples, soulful loops and a plethora of kicks-n-snares to document a tale of love, pleasure and eventual heartache. The free digital album is available here or here for a direct download link.

Recently, I got the chance to chop it up with shano in the wake of his debut. We discussed his approach, why the album takes place in Boston despite his New York roots, which producer he’d most want to observe in the studio, and what he’s going to do now that he’s told his first story.


Dom Corleone: Tell the people where you’re from and how old you are. 

shano: I’m currently residing in Astoria, N.Y. and I’m 25 years old. I grew up in a small town on Long Island called Sound Beach which I doubt anyone has heard of. So, it’s near the Port Jeff area.. North Shore of Suffolk County. 

DC: What originally got you into producing? A background in reading & playing music or was it something you just up and tried one day? 

s: Actually, I don’t play any instruments. I had to take music theory classes in college but my reading is very amateur. I can do it, but it takes me awhile.  In high school, I really fell in love with hip hop and some of the producers that were out at the time. 

I really felt like it was something I wanted to do. With the whole sampling aspect, I felt like I could find parts of old songs and rework them into something new. It was kind of a gradual “maybe-I-can-actually-do-this” type thing that just grew and grew as I went along.

 DC: So when would you say you started getting serious with it? 

s: In high school, I bought my first sampler and I was definitely the kid who bought things and didn’t use them. I just expected something to happen. Once I went away to college in ’01, I started to meet more people with the same interests and really got serious about it a few years after that. I can’t pinpoint the date, but I would say ‘03-04 roughly.

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Royal Court & Sound Table 6/11/09

Royal Court

Since this new blog is a work in progress, I noticed I haven’t been posting as much actual music as I used to at Blogger. Let’s change that, shall we? First is Royal Court, a collection of sweet posts from around the blogosphere then the first installment of Sound Table, my picks for some ill MP3’s. Enjoy!

Royal Court:

The Roots Push Back New Album (Rap Radar)

XXL Freshman Class Mid-Terms (TSS, shouts to David D)

Charles Hamilton’s Greatest Fails: A Retrospective (Complex)

ALIFE NYC Art Gallery Opening Tomorrow (via Herfection)

Public Enemy & The Roots Live Video + Audio (Always Hustle, shouts to Ben)

Donny Goines x IMKING (Nah Right)


Sound Table:

(What do you all prefer as far as uploading sites.. Megaupload? ZShare? Talk to me!)

Cam’ron ft. Vado – La Bumba

DJ JS-1 ft. Large Professor – Like This

Jadakiss ft. Styles P, Drag-On, Eve, Swizz Beatz, Sheek Louch & DMX – Who’s Real Remix

Jay-Z & Young Jeezy – Put On x D.O.A. (Live)

L.E.G.A.C.Y. ft. Phonte, Chaundon, Sean Price – TKO prod. Khrysis

Lil’ Wayne ft. Gucci Mane – We Be Steady Mobbin’

Maino ft. Chris Brown – Don’t Be Scared

Marco Polo & Torae – Combat Drills (Bonus) [Check the sidebar to buy Double Barrel now]

Mary J Blige ft. T.I. – Do It Again

Mos Def ft. Talib Kweli – Little Brother

Shano – A Butterfly in Boston (Instrumental CD) [Shouts to Broken Cool]

Trey Songz ft. Drake – Invented Sex

Corleone, Hold the Throne



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