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A Tribe Called Quest Weekend: Tribe Vibes Vol. 1-3 [Original Samples]



Since it’s A Tribe Called Quest Weekend here at HTT, I’m goin’ in. What better time to drop this post than now?

Tribe Vibes Volumes 1-3 is an epic vinyl collection compiled by Strictly Breaks for the true hip-hop head. Much respect due to T.R.O.Y., where I first spotted these enormous lists of samples spanning Tribe’s prolific discography. This is an absolutely essential download, so I re-upped my own links plus included the original post.

Check below for the track lists & download links. I can’t express how much I appreciate the good folks at T.R.O.Y. Strictly Breaks and Ivan for putting me on to these projects. Word on the street ‘net is there might be a Volume 4 coming soon. Stay tuned, Enjoy! 


Tribe Vibes Vol 1

Download: Tribe Vibes Volume 1 [Orginal Post]

C8. Little Miss Lover (Scenario drums)
D1. Mystic Brew (Electric Relaxation)
D2. Inside Love (Electric Relaxation)
D3. Absolutions (Oh My God)
D4. Why Can’t People Be Colors Too (Oh My God drums)
D5. Martins Funeral (We Can Get Down)
D6. Outside Love (Electric Relaxation drums)
D8. Ekim (Steve Biko)
D9. Dirty Old Bossa Nova (Jam)

Tribe Vibes Vol 2

Download: Tribe Vibes Volume 2 – Part I

Tribe Vibes Volume 2 – Part II

 [Original Post]

Tribe Vibes Vol 3

Download: Tribe Vibes Volume 3 – Part I 

Tribe Vibes Volume 3 – Part II

[Original Post]

A1. Star of the Story [Verses From The Abstract]
A2. Upon this Rock [Verses From The Abstract Drums]
A3. Steam Drill [Infamous Date Rape]
A4. New Rags [Buggin Out]
A5. Tribute to Obabi [Excursions]
A6. Time [Excursions]
A7. Midnight Cowboy [Show Business]
A8. Brazilian Rhyme [Mr.Muhammed]
B1. Exp (skit) [If The Papes Come]
B2. Pot Belly [If The Papes Come]
B3. Who’s Makin Love [Hot Sex]
B4. All You Need Is Love (skit) [Luck Of Lucien]
B5. Sir Duke [Footprints]

Live Re-Mixing 101


I’ve been meaning to post this for a minute, but this annoying thing called real life got in the way of blogging right quick.

I got this mix in my inbox last week and I’ve been bumping it steadily ever since.

Remix crew Keys N Krates, comprised of DJ Jr Flo, keyboardist Matisse & drummer Adam Tune, flip some classic hip-hop records for an organic, real-time podcast called Live Re-Mixing 101 presented by Urb Magazine.

Listen as Matisse reinterprets Just Blaze’s instantly-recognizable melody from Jay-Z’s “Public Service Annoucement.” Also, hear Jr Flo scratch the Aretha Franklin sample from Mos Def’s “Miss Fat Booty” and Lauryn Hill’s eloquent vocals from “Fu Ge La” float smoothly over Tune’s live drums. Definitely ain’t no fakin’ the funk on this one!

I highly recommend turning the volume up and letting this half-hour podcast mix rock. Whether you’re in the whip or at the crib with your peoples, I’ll bet my bottom dollar this impresses.

To find out more about Keys N Krates, hit up or their blog

Shout to Armando for sending this over, Enjoy!

Download: Keys N Krates – Live Re-Mixing 101 [SoundCloud Link]


Sample Junkies

Sample Junkies Front

Since I’m a bit under the weather, it’s always nice to get quality stuff in the inbox.

Here’s the second mix from the Sunshine State’s honorable DJ/ turntablist Matt Cali and the Empire State’s musical mastermind/graphic designer Russel Fong, aptly dubbed Sample Junkies due to its nostalgic feel. It’s invigorating, really.

Sample Junkies is a three-part compilation of classic hip-hop samples and breaks mixed fluidly by Cali. Fong has chosen the music of Isaac Hayes, Otis Redding, Gladys Knight & the Pips, The Dells, David Porter, The Charmels, Michel Gonet, Menahan Street Band, The Jackson 5, Ramp, Ramon Morris, Esther Bryde, 9th Creations, Monk Higgins, Sting, Smilin Billy Suite, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Aretha Franklin, Jack Mayborn,Roy Ayers plus plenty more to serve as the soundtrack to your trip back in time.

I’ve praised the effort of this dope duo before, so expect this mix to impress once again. No track list necessary. True sample heads, this is what you’re fiendin’ for.

Shout to the good homie Matt himself for hooking this up. Spin this tonight and reminisce, Enjoy!

Download: Russell Fong & DJ Matt Cali – Sample Junkies

Sample Junkies Back


Outkast – Speakerboxxx / The Love Below: The Samples

Speakerboxxx / The Love Below

The second OutKast set from Ivan and me today is for their certified diamond double-CD Speakerboxxx / The Love Below, the highest-selling rap album ever according to the RIAA.

Released in ’03, each disc is held in high regard among music heads as a modern-day masterpiece. Big Boi’s Speakerboxxx is heralded for its loyalty to the thump-centric OutKast of old while Andre’s off-the-wall The Love Below received critial praise for its innovative, free-flowing nature. This project also marked the departure of Organized Noize as producers, as the duo themselves took sole control the boards with brief assistance from Mr. DJ, Carl Mo, Cutmaster Swiff & Dojo5.

The sample selection is as diverse as the album itself, especially since the majority were featured on Andre’s portion.  Everything from hip-hop (Geto Boys, Volume 10) to funk (Parliament) to soul (The Four Tops, Patti LaBelle) and classic jazz (John Coltrane) is represented here, creating a sound beyond the confines of any particular genre.

Regardless of your thoughts on the album, there’s no denying it pushed the metaphorical envelope for a sonically-pleasing experience. I hope you find the music behind the final product is just as entertaining, Enjoy!

Hold the Throne & Hip Hop Is Read Present Outkast – Speakerboxxx / The Love Below [The Samples]

Track List:

Track List


Outkast – Stankonia: The Samples


Oh, you thought we forgot? Never that!

Hurricane and Corleone are back at it again to keep the series going strong with two more glorious OutKast sample sets for your audible pleasure.

The funkified Southern-hop of Big Boi & Andre’s 2000 banger Stankonia is first up, for which Organized Noize Productions and Earthtone III only needed four carefully-chosen, expertly-placed samples.

You’ll notice a dazzling Brothers Johnson sample for the timeless “Ms. Jackson,” which happens to be my Pops’ favorite hip-hop song ever. Also, you might not have expected it, but the organic single “So Fresh, So Clean” reinterprets the sultry Joe Simon song “Before The Night Is Over.” I’m certain each of these Kast cuts will never get old, as I STILL have “So Fresh, So Clean” as one of my BlackBerry alerts.

Get ready to take a trip to the place from which all funky thangs come, Enjoy!

Hold the Throne & Hip Hop Is Read Present Outkast – Stankonia [The Samples]

Track List:

Track List


Name That Sample #9

Name That Sample

Here goes a lil’ weekend edition of Name That Sample.

It might be easy to name the hip-hop song for this one, but definitely more difficult to name the original artist & song. Can you do it?

No hints this time around.

Best of luck!

Name The Sample #9

[Edit] Congrats to DJ Sunshine for the correct guess. The original song is Enoch Light “A Little Fugue For You & Me,” sampled by The Beatnuts for “No Escapin’ This” off their 2001 LP Take It or Squeeze It. Thanks for playing!


Fathers of Rap: Michael Jackson


Since I’m still in a daze from Michael Jackson’s passing yesterday, I’m glad that the homie Ivan from Hip Hop Is Read put together two tribute compilations celebrating the hip-hop music that would never have been possible without the King of Pop.

The first mix is songs sampling MJ’s early career with the Jackson 5 while the second is his more recent work.  I was unaware Luda’s “One More Drink” or Kanye & T-Pain’s “Good Life” sampled MJ, I guess you really do learn something new everyday.

Big thanks to Ivan for doing his part in preserving the legacy of the late, great musical and cultural icon. Check the track list and download link below. Play these and remember – legends never truly die.

MJ 2

HHIR Presents Fathers of Rap Volume 3: Michael Jackson – A Collection of Hip-Hop Tracks Inspired By The Legend

Track List:

Track List
Track List 2


OutKast – Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik: The Samples


Ivan and I were on a serious mission this weekend. After dropping this and this, we figured – why stop there? Why not bless the blogosphere and hip-hop heads with another sample set from the almighty OutKast?

Which brings us to the duo’s debut, 1994’s pimp-tastic Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.

Way before Andre & Antwaan apologized to “Miss Jackson” or coaxed listeners to “shake it like a polaroid picture,” they had a smoke out in the Dungeon with Mary Jane, inspiring every pimp, playa and mack daddy in the Atlanta metro area to git up, git out and git somethin’.

Not only did Southern… introduce ‘Kast lyrically, it debuted Organized Noize Productions’ gritty, trunk-rattling instrumentation (that I wrote about in great depth at Metal Lungies’ Beat Drop.) 

The trio hand-picked specific samples here that run the gamut as far as influence. Reinterpeting bebop jazz pioneer Miles Davis’ “Savid” for “Ain’t No Thang,” The Notations “Superpeople” for lead single “Player’s Ball,” reggae-infused drums from Isaac Hayes’ “Joe Ball,” good ol’ American rock band The Eagles’ “The Window” for “Claimin’ True” and the ever elusive Eddie Harris song “Abstractions” for “True Dat (Interlude).”

Warning: Playing this set in your Cadillac will cause a funky ride. Oh, and players, if you choose it, you better make sure that you use it. Enjoy!

Download: Hold the Throne & Hip Hop Is Read Present Outkast – Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik: The Samples




Outkast – Aquemini: The Samples

Aquemini: The Samples 

Yup, Hurricane Ivan and I are back at it again.

Last time we brought you Outkast’s ATLiens: The Samples, so why not continue with the duo’s next LP?

1998’s Aquemini, which is the sole ‘Kast record to earn The Source Mag’s coveted 5-mic rating, is the most forward-thinking of their catalog (and happens to be my personal favorite).

To accomplish the futuristic vibe, Organized Noize Productions, Mr. DJ and Andre & Antwaan themselves opted for predominantly electro-hop, synth-heavy instrumentals.

Therefore, the very few samples utilized are executed with surgeon-like precision, appearing on only four of the disc’s 16 tracks.

The spine-chilling “Cancion De Amor” by folk trio The Sandpipers gives “Rosa Parks” its vocal eeriness while the opening drumroll from Sly & The Family Stone’s “Rock Dirge” opens arguably the weirdest ‘Kast track of them all, “SpottieOttieDopaliscious.”

ONP recreated “Police Woman” by Pink Panther theme composer Henry Mancini for “Skew It On The Bar-B,” fully-equipped with blasting horns and bouncing bassline. “Return of the G” rounds out the samples, borrowing from Curtis Mayfield’s “Super Fly” and Giorgio Moroder’s Theme from “Midnight Express”

We’ve also included the instrumental for “Theme from Midnight Express” as an added bonus. It’s Saturday night, so come bump and slump with us.. ’cause we the type of people make the club get crunk.


Download: Hold the Throne & Hip Hop Is Read Present Outkast – Aquemini: The Samples

Track List:

Track List

Corleone, Hold the Throne



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