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DJ Shadow – Freeform, All-Vinyl DJ Set – October 31, 2009 in Los Angeles

DJ Shadow

Well, I’ll be damned.

I haven’t seen this mix by the everlasting Joshua “DJ Shadow” Davis, a personal favorite of mine, posted anywhere besides my local torrent community. So it’s only right I share this special live mix with everyone.

Shadow spun this particular blend of musical beauty last Halloween night at LA’s Legendary Park Plaza for KCRW’s Masquerade Ball. He rocked his now famous sampling technique amid pinpoint scratching and nifty mixing for his set, which clocked in at a little under two hours.

Oh, did I mention he played Serato-free? To you newjacks out there, this means he lugged crate upon crate busting at the seams with vinyl (gasp!) to represent with two turntables and a sampler like few can these days, for the true school.

I’d much rather have been scoping pretty ladies to DJ Shadow’s tune’s then whatever lame dime-a-dozen DJ played where I was that night, but at least I can envision what it would have been like to be there thanks to whoever recorded this.

Shouts to the generous folks of ****.cd (what, you thought I’d give my secrets away? You crazy, homes) for seeding this torrent, Enjoy!

Download: DJ Shadow – Freeform, All-Vinyl DJ Set – October 31, 2009 in Los Angeles


Sample Junkies

Sample Junkies Front

Since I’m a bit under the weather, it’s always nice to get quality stuff in the inbox.

Here’s the second mix from the Sunshine State’s honorable DJ/ turntablist Matt Cali and the Empire State’s musical mastermind/graphic designer Russel Fong, aptly dubbed Sample Junkies due to its nostalgic feel. It’s invigorating, really.

Sample Junkies is a three-part compilation of classic hip-hop samples and breaks mixed fluidly by Cali. Fong has chosen the music of Isaac Hayes, Otis Redding, Gladys Knight & the Pips, The Dells, David Porter, The Charmels, Michel Gonet, Menahan Street Band, The Jackson 5, Ramp, Ramon Morris, Esther Bryde, 9th Creations, Monk Higgins, Sting, Smilin Billy Suite, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Aretha Franklin, Jack Mayborn,Roy Ayers plus plenty more to serve as the soundtrack to your trip back in time.

I’ve praised the effort of this dope duo before, so expect this mix to impress once again. No track list necessary. True sample heads, this is what you’re fiendin’ for.

Shout to the good homie Matt himself for hooking this up. Spin this tonight and reminisce, Enjoy!

Download: Russell Fong & DJ Matt Cali – Sample Junkies

Sample Junkies Back


Name That Sample #15

Name That Sample

Haven’t had one of these in a while, let’s get it going again.

Can you name the original song and artist? Also, which song samples this?

Big shouts to Thomas from Kevin Nottingham’s spot for the inspiration.

Hint: One of the best hip-hop producers of all time flipped this for a special collab.

Good luck!

Name That Sample #15


Sound Table 8/17/09

Chanel CC

Our Jersey Beauty today is Chanel CC of Hamilton, NJ

Once again, real life got in the way of my blogging recently but I’m back, cookin’ up some gems for everyone. Let’s start with a wrap-up of some spankin’ new tracks and a Jersey beauty, aight?!

Sound Table

Brother Ali – Fresh Air

Bun B & Royce Da 5’9 – Hood Love

Cypress Hill – Get ‘Em Up

El Michels Affair – Isaac Hayes: A Tribute

Felt (Murs & Slug) – Protagonists

Hip Hop Is Read presents Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg Collaborations

Lil’ Wayne – The Leak: Reloaded (Mixtape) [Shouts to Mike Waxx]

Radiohead – These Are My Twisted Words

Shafiq Husayn – En’ A Free Ka (Sampler) [Shouts to TSS]

Slaughterhouse: The Samples presented by Kevin Nottingham

DJ Trackstar & TSS presents Anger & Ambition: The Best of Killer Mike (Mixtape)

Wale – My Sweetie


Name That Sample #14

NTS #14 

Let’s get it poppington this morning with a lil’ Name That Sample.

You know the deal, tell me the original song & artist plus the sampling song & producer if possible. Shouts to Hurricane I for the sample set, it should be an easy one for him!

Hint: It’s a song from a Wu-Tang Clan member, on (in my opinion) the second-best solo LP from the Wu. Bonus points if you can guess my favorite.

Good luck y’all!

[Edit] Congrats to the homie CtrlAltMalik for guessing the sampling song Raekwon “Criminology” off Only Built 4 Cuban Linx produced by the one and only RZA. The original is The Sweet Inspirations’ “Why Marry.” Peace!

Name That Sample #14


Guess Who’s Back


Yes y’all, I’m back in action after my brief hiatus, ready to go. Thanks to everyone that offered their love and support while I was away.

Let’s start things fresh with one of the illest collab tracks hip-hop has to offer, Scarface featuring Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel “Guess Who’s Back” (for obvious reasons) off the Houston veteran’s 2002 album The Fix. A pre-College Dropout Kanye West is on the beat, flipping “Sunrise” by Motown collective The Originals.

All three rappers spit the real here, as Hov reminisces with lines like  “Straight from the oven wit it, came from the dirt/ I emerged from it all without a stain on my shirt” while Face hustles hard rhyming “Gotta see my feet dude, you do shit a fiend do/ The fire get too hot in the kitchen, I hit the streets fool” and Beans parallels the struggle “Play them corners like a safety, watch the traffic switch/ Young’n never pump fake, and you’ll get past the blitz.

Not many MCs possess the kind of chemistry heard here, as inflated egos often get in the way of making great music. “Guess Who’s Back” is an ideal collab, as each verse feeds off the other’s energy while sending a different message. A truly coherent, perfectly-executed classic.

Shouts to Nappy Afro and The Mark Out for the linkage, Enjoy!

[Edit] Instrumental version added.

Scarface ft. Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel – Guess Who’s Back [Instrumental]

Original Sample: The Originals – Sunrise


Name That Sample #13

Name That Sample

Lucky number 13 on deck, see if you can guess the original song and artist along with the sampling track.

Hint: This is one of the best songs of 2006, hands down.

Good luck!

[Edit] Congrats to Ms Rose for guessing correctly. And E-Rich, that sounds like it could be the same sample, yes. The original I was looking for is Sharon Cash “Fever,” sampled by Just Blaze for Ghostface’s “The Champ” off Fishscale. Thanks for stoppin’ thru!

Name That Sample #13


Name That Sample #12

Name That Sample

This edition of Name That Sample is on the tougher side (although, my readers never cease to amaze me all the time with their knowledge). See if you can name the original then the artist & song that sampled it.

Hint: The sampling song is by one of hip-hop’s most prestigious golden era groups. Also, I saw them perform at Rock The Bells Jones Beach NYC last year. I’ve said too much already..

Best of luck!

[Edit] Shouts to CtrlAltMalik and beewirks for correctly answering this one. The original is Ian Dury & The Blockheads’ “What A Waste” flipped by Ali Shaheed Muhammad for A Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It?” .. Yes, you can!

Name That Sample #12


Random Lyrics & Sample: OutKast – Claimin’ True


Rockin’ with the iTunes on shuffle today, I came across one of my favorite jams from OutKast’s Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik that I had to share with all my fellow hip-hop heads.

On “Claimin’ True,” Big Boi and Andre spit that real ish that permeated their early catalog. This here track is a fine example of the lyrical onslaught that the duo was will always be capable of whenever they stepped into the Dungeon. Quotables abound.

As previously noted, Organized Noize Productions interpolated Steve Miller Band’s “The Window” for the gritty instrumental. As Busta Rhymes would say, this one breaks your neck.

Check the song and original below, then the lyrics after the jump. Enjoy!

OutKast – Claimin’ True

Sample: Steve Miller Band – The Window

Hit the jump for the lyrics.

Continue reading ‘Random Lyrics & Sample: OutKast – Claimin’ True’


Name That Sample #11

Name That Sample

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to participate in my Name That Sample series. I’ve had some responses recently that most have been too easy, so here’s a hard one (that’s what she said, ZING).

Hint: The original is a sweet jazz record. The sampling song is off my 2nd favorite rapper’s debut CD. I know this isn’t a hint if you don’t know me, but you could always ask.

Good luck!

[Edit] We got 2 correct answers, congrats y’all! The original is Eddie Henderson’s “Inside You,” sampled by Clark Kent for Jay-Z’s “Coming of Age” featuring Memphis Bleek off Reasonable Doubt.

Name That Sample #11

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