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Kenichiro Nishihara ft. Steph Pockets – Livin’ The Life (Remix)

Kenichiro Nishihara - Life

This fresh jawn is off Japanese virtuoso Kenichiro Nishihara’s new album Life. Illadelphian Steph Pockets spits the real over Nishihara’s jazz-hop, a formula for a feel-good start to your week.

I’ve been searching for a link on Amazon or iTunes to cop Life, however all I’ve spotted is a Japanese digital retailer called HMV online here.

Scoop the MP3 at the link below and check the track list for a preview of the album, Enjoy!

Download: Kenichiro Nishihara ft. Steph Pockets – Livin’ The Life (Remix)

Track List:

01. Prelude
02. Power of Self feat. Substantial
03. Livin’ The Life feat. Steph Pockets
04. Weather Overtone
05. Beautiful Things feat. Amanda Diva
06. Now I Know feat. Pismo
07. Mind Tourism
08. Brazilian Daydream
09. Waltz For Jazz Things feat. Gregg Green
10. Moon Child feat. Nina Vidal
11. Dawn
12. Life feat. Kissey Asplund


Ritchcraft – Say It Ain’t So EP

Say It Ain't So

I posted one of Ritchcraft’s remixes and promised there would be an EP when he finished his weekly series. Well, the time has come to unleash it!

The Nova Scotia, Canada producer’s heavy work culminates in Say It Ain’t So, a 12-track EP with remixed verses from Jay-Z, Nas, The Roots, AZ, Saigon, plus original cuts from Halifax reps Kayo, CooLEra and even the man Ritchcraft himself.

My personal favorites are “Whose World Is This,” a reinterpretation of Nasir’s “The World Is Yours” with its groovin’ bassline & sweet vocal flip and AZ’s “The Come Up” as the verses flow over a break-beat and orchestral strings.

You can download the full EP at the Bandcamp link below, and feel free to hit me or Ritch up and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Download: Ritchcraft – Say It Ain’t So

Track List:

1. Intro (Say It Ain’t So) 00:01
2. No, No, No Intro 01:01
3. Saigon ft. Jay-Z – Come On Baby (Ritchcraft Remix) 03:47
4. AZ – The Come Up (Ritchcraft Remix) 03:31
5. (Bonus) Kayo – Leave Me Alone (Prod. Ritchcraft) 04:09
6. The Roots – Star (Ritchcraft Remix) 04:10
7. Nas – Whos World Is This (Ritchcraft Remix) 03:32
8. (Bonus) Coolera ft. Kayo – Smilin Faces (Prod. Ritchcraft) 03:30
9. Large Pro – Maica Living (Ritchcraft Remix) 03:16
10. AZ – Doe Or Die (Ritchcraft Remix) 04:12
11. Outro (I Guess It’s So) 00:02 info
12. Ritchcraft – Never Told Me Outro (Feat. Focus) 03:31


A Tribe Called Quest Weekend: Oh My God (CDM) – 1994

Oh My God

Gotta be one of their smoothest beats, that Kool & the Gang sample is ill-na-na..

Download: A Tribe Called Quest – Oh My God (CDM) – 1994

1. Oh My God (Rap Version) ft. Busta Rhymes 3:29
2. Oh My God (Remix) 4:02
3. Oh My God (Know Naim Remix) ft. Know Naim 2:48
4. Lyrics To Go (LP Version) 4:09
5. Lyrics To Go (Remix) 3:50 ft. Tumblin’ Dice
6. One Two Shit ft. Busta Rhymes 4:31


A Tribe Called Quest Weekend: Scenario Remixes (VLS) – 1992


Some fresh remixes to the classic song..

Did you know: Kid Hood was killed 3 days after recording his verse for the remix.

Download: A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario Remixes (VLS) – 1992

1. 05:20 Scenario (7 MC’s Mix) ft. Leaders of the New School & Kid Hood
2. 05:03 Scenario (Young Nation Mix) 
3. 05:18 Scenario (12″ Instrumental Remix) 
4. 05:01 Scenario (Young Nation Instrumental) 
5. 05:16 Scenario (Remix) 
6. 04:09 Scenario (LP Mix) 
7. 05:11 Scenario (Remix Instrumental) 
8. 04:10 Scenario (LP Instrumental)


AZ – The Come Up (Ritchcraft Remix) [Video]

It’s no easy task to remake a DJ Premier-produced record, but that’s exactly what Ritchcraft recently attempted.

For the fourth installment of his Tuesday remix series, the Nova Scotia, Canada producer flipped AZ’s “The Come Up” from 2005’s A.W.O.L. The result is a brand new feel to the song, equipped with intense strings and snapping snares.

Be on the lookout for more Ritchcraft remixes, culminating in a downloadable EP when the series is finished. Check out his Vimeo page for more fresh remixes.

I’ve included the original below for comparison’s sake, so feel free to hit the comment section with your thoughts.

Shouts to the man himself and Sadie for the video, Enjoy!

Download: AZ – The Come Up prod. DJ Premier (Original)


Live Re-Mixing 101


I’ve been meaning to post this for a minute, but this annoying thing called real life got in the way of blogging right quick.

I got this mix in my inbox last week and I’ve been bumping it steadily ever since.

Remix crew Keys N Krates, comprised of DJ Jr Flo, keyboardist Matisse & drummer Adam Tune, flip some classic hip-hop records for an organic, real-time podcast called Live Re-Mixing 101 presented by Urb Magazine.

Listen as Matisse reinterprets Just Blaze’s instantly-recognizable melody from Jay-Z’s “Public Service Annoucement.” Also, hear Jr Flo scratch the Aretha Franklin sample from Mos Def’s “Miss Fat Booty” and Lauryn Hill’s eloquent vocals from “Fu Ge La” float smoothly over Tune’s live drums. Definitely ain’t no fakin’ the funk on this one!

I highly recommend turning the volume up and letting this half-hour podcast mix rock. Whether you’re in the whip or at the crib with your peoples, I’ll bet my bottom dollar this impresses.

To find out more about Keys N Krates, hit up or their blog

Shout to Armando for sending this over, Enjoy!

Download: Keys N Krates – Live Re-Mixing 101 [SoundCloud Link]


The Official Illmind Remix Album


Reppin’ my homestate, Illmind has been bringing the heat for years now flipping beats for artists at all points on the spectrum – 50 Cent, Redman, Eminem, Talib Kweli, Boot Camp Click, Little Brother, and many more.

Following the third installment of his Blaps, Rhymes & Life series, The Official Illmind Remix Album features eighteen dope remixes by the man himself. Presented by MYX Music Label, 2dopeboyz, Okayplayer, NahRight & Aubible Treats, it also contains 4 unreleased Fortilive (Slo-Mo & MushMouf) tracks for your listening pleasure.

Shouts to Shake for the heads up, Enjoy!

Download: The Official Illmind Remix Album

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