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OutKast Instrumentals


Just as the title says, I’m hookin up some OutKast instrumental albums today, ATLiens and Aquemini in particular. You can find the samples to all their albums on the right sidebar. With these, you’ll be able to focus in on some of Organized Noize’s best productions.

If you have any of their other instrumental albums or individual tracks, hit me in the comments or e-mail. Much appreciated!

Speaking of the greatest duo in hip-hop OutKast.. What happened to Sir Luscious Left Foot dropping this year? And an Andre 3K solo LP? AND an OutKast album? At this rate, we won’t hear any new stuff from these two until the most talentless rapper alive Gucci Mane gets out of jail. I’m praying that they get it together sooner than that.

Check both albums in one link below, Enjoy!

Download: OutKast – ATLiens & Aquemini Instrumentals


Random Lyrics & Sample: OutKast – Claimin’ True


Rockin’ with the iTunes on shuffle today, I came across one of my favorite jams from OutKast’s Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik that I had to share with all my fellow hip-hop heads.

On “Claimin’ True,” Big Boi and Andre spit that real ish that permeated their early catalog. This here track is a fine example of the lyrical onslaught that the duo was will always be capable of whenever they stepped into the Dungeon. Quotables abound.

As previously noted, Organized Noize Productions interpolated Steve Miller Band’s “The Window” for the gritty instrumental. As Busta Rhymes would say, this one breaks your neck.

Check the song and original below, then the lyrics after the jump. Enjoy!

OutKast – Claimin’ True

Sample: Steve Miller Band – The Window

Hit the jump for the lyrics.

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(Late Pass) Organized Noize Beat Drop

 Organized Noize

A lil’ while back, I got in touch with DJ01 and the good folks at Metal Lungies about contributing to their Beat Drop series where they gather writers, bloggers, producers and rappers together to focus on a specific producer or crew.

This time around the crew was ATL collective Organized Noize Productions, the Dungeon Family trio responsibile for the gritty instrumentation behind the best my favorite group OutKast’s early career and widely known for TLC’s “Waterfalls.” Sleepy Brown, Rico Wade, and Ray Murray crafted a majority of the spacious, trunk-knocking Southern-fried beats during ‘Kasts developing years plus various cuts for Goodie Mob, Witchdoctor and Sleepy Brown’s own LPs.

A sample of my work:

Download: Outkast – “So Fresh, So Clean” (off Stankonia, 2000)

Dom: One of the ATLiens’ instantly-recognizable singles, “So Fresh, So Clean” knocks right off the bat with its precisely syncopated drum programming. Then comes the good stuff, as the producers reinterpret soul singer Joe Simon’s “Before The Night Is Over” by bending a sweet synth around soft, melodic keys. The beauty here is the beat’s airy simplicity, evoking a feeling of clarity supported by Andre’s and Antwan’s refreshing verses (pun intended).

Check out the full Beat Drop here as we chop it up about how when noise is organized, it’s music to our ears.

Shouts to ML for the opportunity, Enjoy!

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