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Reflection Eternal ft. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def – Untitled [Radio Rip] prod. Hi-Tek

Kweli, Jay Elec, Cole & Mos 

Now THIS is exactly what hip-hop needs.

Talib Kweli & DJ Hi-Tek recruit some of the illest spitters in the game for this cut produced by Hi-Tek himself. This particular radio rip is from Just Blaze and Jay Elec-Hannukkah on Tony Touch’s Shade 45 show last night.

Can’t wait until the CDQ is liberated, who will be first? We’ll surely find out soon, it’d be a dope Christmas present..

Shouts to Heather for the pic & Usershare link and Dre for the Mediafire link, Enjoy!

Download: Reflection Eternal ft. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def – Untitled [Radio Rip] prod. Hi-Tek [Mediafire Link]


Download Dilemma: Jay Electronica – Exhibit C prod. Just Blaze

Exhibit C

It looks like ‘Nawlins prodigy Jay Electronica has finally truly answered my letter to him, as the best song of the year the most anticipated CD-quality MP3 of the year hit iTunes last night. I woke up in the middle of the night to see this Tweet by Nation but I was too tired to post, despite my intense excitement to hear the finished product.

Now, normally I’d have no problem dropping a download link for my peoples. But this isn’t normal hip-hop we got here. In my personal opinion, Jay Elechannukkah (listen to the song, you’ll get it) is a cornerstore of the genre’s future and essential in efforts to spread what it means to be a real MC. However, there have been many great rappers whose songs I’ve posted for free download.. I was torn as to what I should do.

I want to represent independent & underground MC’s as much as possible, so here’s the deal. If any artist provides me with a free download, I’ll link it. If they don’t, I’ll link to where you can purchase it. I haven’t outwardly stated this and I admit I’ve strayed from this in the past, so from here on out this is how it’s goin’ down. There’s nothing sheisty going on behind the scenes here, I’m a straight-up dude. I’ve been asked to take down links before, each time I have complied hastily.

Call me what you want, I am not providing a free download link. If you can’t shell out a measly $3 for a great record, then you don’t get it from me. Plain and simple. It’s my blog, my decision.

‘Nuff said, let’s get down to business. Props to The Megatron Don himself for the iTunes link, Enjoy!

Download on iTunes: Jay Electronica – Exhibit C EP prod. Just Blaze (Or click on the cover)


Live Re-Mixing 101


I’ve been meaning to post this for a minute, but this annoying thing called real life got in the way of blogging right quick.

I got this mix in my inbox last week and I’ve been bumping it steadily ever since.

Remix crew Keys N Krates, comprised of DJ Jr Flo, keyboardist Matisse & drummer Adam Tune, flip some classic hip-hop records for an organic, real-time podcast called Live Re-Mixing 101 presented by Urb Magazine.

Listen as Matisse reinterprets Just Blaze’s instantly-recognizable melody from Jay-Z’s “Public Service Annoucement.” Also, hear Jr Flo scratch the Aretha Franklin sample from Mos Def’s “Miss Fat Booty” and Lauryn Hill’s eloquent vocals from “Fu Ge La” float smoothly over Tune’s live drums. Definitely ain’t no fakin’ the funk on this one!

I highly recommend turning the volume up and letting this half-hour podcast mix rock. Whether you’re in the whip or at the crib with your peoples, I’ll bet my bottom dollar this impresses.

To find out more about Keys N Krates, hit up or their blog

Shout to Armando for sending this over, Enjoy!

Download: Keys N Krates – Live Re-Mixing 101 [SoundCloud Link]


Five Jay Electronica Tracks

Jay Electronica

Looks like the third best rapper alive Jay Electronica answered my letter, with an assist from Just Blaze. Now all we need is an album!

Peep Jay Elec Hanakkuh’s recently-leaked, new-to-me songs below, Enjoy!

Exhibit C (Radio Rip) prod. Just Blaze

Suckas prod. J Dilla

2 Step

Defcon 4



Cop Today: Skyzoo – The Salvation

I see ’em lookin for the real, but they ain’t find that yet.

 I can’t believe I overlooked this earlier today. Better late than never, right?

Brooklyn verbalist Skyzoo dropped his debut solo album The Salvation today, a joint venture between 9th Wonder’s Jamla Records and underground imprint Duck Down Records.

The disc is an earnest auto-biographical account of Sky’s entire life, boasting top-notch production from Just Blaze, Black Milk, Nottz, Illmind and of course 9th. Keeping with the self-revelation concept, The Salvation has only one feature – singer Carlitta Durand. The rest was solely on Sky’s shoulders – luckily, he’s a high-caliber MC that can handle the workload.

Upon first listen, I’m thoroughly impressed by his development since The 3 Day High, which I thought sounded forced and unnatural. I can tell he took  the proper time and effort to focus his vocals, resulting in a captivating listen with hardly any filler.

Don’t believe me? Wanna find out for yourself? I got you covered. Click the artwork up top or go here to buy it from Amazon. Peep the track list below with a download link to the cut produced by Just Blaze. Don’t say I never gave you nothin’!

Support hip-hop music, Enjoy!

Track List:

1. The Opener (produced by Cyrus Tha Great)
2. Return Of The Real (produced by Just Blaze)
3. The Beautiful Decay (produced by 9th Wonder)
4. My Interpretation (produced by Best Kept Secret)
5. Popularity (produced by Nottz)
6. Like A Marathon (produced by 9th Wonder)
7. The Shooter’s Soundtrack (produced by Cyrus Tha Great)
8. Under Pressure (produced by 9th Wonder)
9. Penmanship (produced by Black Milk)
10. Dear Whoever (produced by Illmind)
11. For What It’s Worth ((produced by Eric G)
12. The Necessary Evils (produced by Needlz)
13. Easy To Fly featuring Carlitta Durand (produced by 9th Wonder)
14. Bottom Line (produced by Eric G)
15. Metal Hearts (produced by 9th Wonder)
16. Maintain (produced by Nottz)


Gotta Believe It

.. Is my new anthem. Saigon is a beast. Just Blaze Red 5ive kills the hook. Video directed by James PlatinumWarning Shots 2, October 6th on Amalgam Digital.

Download: Saigon ft. Just Blaze – Gotta Believe It


Jay Electronica & Mos Def Live for “Exhibit B”

Two of the best rappers out (Mos & Jay Elec)


One stage

remix continuation of one of the best songs of the year


Happy hip-hop heads, at least for 4 min and 58 seconds.

I’m think this is a remix to “Exhibit A” actually Exhibit B since my sources tell me that Justin Blaze is keeping strict tabs on the MP3’s of the other two parts of the triology. Shit, He needs to go ‘head and liberate B & C, I know they’re out there! (I see you Beewirks!)

Spotted at 2DB, Enjoy!


We Gon’ Be At It All Night


This leaked a lil’ while back with tags all over the place, but Mr. X liberated the CD quality of T.I.’s club-friendly “All Night.”

I was instantly hooked when I heard Just Blaze expertly flip Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles,” she is so hip-hop. T.I. spits your standard get-drunk-in-the-club rhymes, nothing special really. I just loves the beat.

Shouts to the good homie MikeWaxx for the linkage, Enjoy!

T.I. – All Night

Corleone, Hold the Throne



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