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Reflection Eternal ft. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def – Untitled [Radio Rip] prod. Hi-Tek

Kweli, Jay Elec, Cole & Mos 

Now THIS is exactly what hip-hop needs.

Talib Kweli & DJ Hi-Tek recruit some of the illest spitters in the game for this cut produced by Hi-Tek himself. This particular radio rip is from Just Blaze and Jay Elec-Hannukkah on Tony Touch’s Shade 45 show last night.

Can’t wait until the CDQ is liberated, who will be first? We’ll surely find out soon, it’d be a dope Christmas present..

Shouts to Heather for the pic & Usershare link and Dre for the Mediafire link, Enjoy!

Download: Reflection Eternal ft. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def – Untitled [Radio Rip] prod. Hi-Tek [Mediafire Link]


Download Dilemma: Jay Electronica – Exhibit C prod. Just Blaze

Exhibit C

It looks like ‘Nawlins prodigy Jay Electronica has finally truly answered my letter to him, as the best song of the year the most anticipated CD-quality MP3 of the year hit iTunes last night. I woke up in the middle of the night to see this Tweet by Nation but I was too tired to post, despite my intense excitement to hear the finished product.

Now, normally I’d have no problem dropping a download link for my peoples. But this isn’t normal hip-hop we got here. In my personal opinion, Jay Elechannukkah (listen to the song, you’ll get it) is a cornerstore of the genre’s future and essential in efforts to spread what it means to be a real MC. However, there have been many great rappers whose songs I’ve posted for free download.. I was torn as to what I should do.

I want to represent independent & underground MC’s as much as possible, so here’s the deal. If any artist provides me with a free download, I’ll link it. If they don’t, I’ll link to where you can purchase it. I haven’t outwardly stated this and I admit I’ve strayed from this in the past, so from here on out this is how it’s goin’ down. There’s nothing sheisty going on behind the scenes here, I’m a straight-up dude. I’ve been asked to take down links before, each time I have complied hastily.

Call me what you want, I am not providing a free download link. If you can’t shell out a measly $3 for a great record, then you don’t get it from me. Plain and simple. It’s my blog, my decision.

‘Nuff said, let’s get down to business. Props to The Megatron Don himself for the iTunes link, Enjoy!

Download on iTunes: Jay Electronica – Exhibit C EP prod. Just Blaze (Or click on the cover)


Sound Table 12/11/09 Featuring Elzhi, Method Man & Redman


Stacy Epps, lookatdemlips!

Cot damn, I been neglecting my Sound Table series where I routinely feature some of the illest new songs, mixtapes, EPsetc on the ‘net. My bad!

We’ve got a few choice bangers to get you through this blistering cold Friday (notably for my Tri-State readers).

Method Man & Raekwon collab’d for a track supposedly off their album with Ghostface Wu Massacre, dropping February of next year. I can’t possibly express what it means for hip-hop to start a new decade with a semi-Wu-Tang album. It could will be one for the ages.

The most exciting project on this edition of Sound Table is Detroit MC Elzhi’s The Leftovers UnMixed Tape, a collection of the Slum Village rep’s features, remixes and rarities. Bolstered by production from Black Milk, Jake One, & Oh No, this will hold hip-hop heads over until Elmatic or The Feed. Weren’t they both supposed to drop this year? Whatever happened to that? Sheeeeeit (c) Clay Davis.

On top of that, there’s a fine selection of leaked tracks below to choose from to load up the iPod, including a remix to African songstress Nneka’s song “Walking” with the 2nd best rapper alive Jay Electronica and a brand new jam from Sade(!!!). Get ’em while you can, party people.

Big thanks to Aaron M knobbz, Jeff Weiss, LegendNick & my external hard drive for the audio, Enjoy!

Sound Table

Elzhi - The Leftovers UnMixed Tape

Download: Elzhi – The Leftovers UnMixed Tape

01. The Great (Prod. Oh No)
02. Deep (Prod. Black Milk)
03. Contra (Feat. Danny Brown) (Prod. Apollo Brown)
04. Like This (Prod. Black Milk)
05. Red, Black And Green (Prod. Black Milk)
06. Glow (Prod. Jake One)
07. Living (Prod. DJ Dez)
08. Dream (Prod. Jake One)
09. The Crowd (Prod. Leef)
10. Dedication (Feat. Fes Roc) (Prod. DJ Dez)
11. Colors Remix (Prod. DJ Spinna)
12. Flyest (Feat. Smitty) (Prod. Denmark Vessey)
13. 5 Man Hustle (Prod. Black Milk)
14. Clash Of The Titans (Feat. Vstyles, Royce da 5′9″, Rapper Big Pooh & Phat Kat) (Prod. MoSS)


Common – Start the Show (Extended Version)

Del The Funkee Homosapien & El Michels Affair – Bring Da Ruckus (Remix)

Drake ft. Colin Munroe – Runaway Girl

 Joell Ortiz & Novel ft. Cristyle – Stressful

Bonus Track: Joell Ortiz – Make It Without You

Lupe Fiasco ft. Trey Songz – Blackout

Nneka ft. Jay Electronica – Walking (J. Period Remix)

Raekwon & Method Man – Meth Vs. Chef Part II prod by Mathematics

Sade – Soldier of Love

Vinnie Paz ft. Clipse – Street Wars (Blend)

Wale – Say Something Freestyle


Five Jay Electronica Tracks

Jay Electronica

Looks like the third best rapper alive Jay Electronica answered my letter, with an assist from Just Blaze. Now all we need is an album!

Peep Jay Elec Hanakkuh’s recently-leaked, new-to-me songs below, Enjoy!

Exhibit C (Radio Rip) prod. Just Blaze

Suckas prod. J Dilla

2 Step

Defcon 4



11 Ultimate Hip-Hop Trios

New Wu

With the dream-team of Ghostface, Raekwon & Method Man forming like Voltron possibly even before ’09 kicks the bucket, heads everywhere should be drooling over the possibility of an album from the Wu-based trio.

Similarly, the three-headed monster Random Axe comprised of Black Milk, Sean Price & Guilty Simpson leaking “Monster Babies” off their upcoming collab album this year was monumental.

These combos really are dreams come true. So I got to thinking, what other combinations of MCs would hip-hop heads like to hear? Here are my choices for 11 of the ultimate hip-hop trios:

Jay-Z, Nas & Eminem

Jay-Z, Nas & Eminem

Group Name: Greatest of Our Time

Rakim, Kool G Rap & KRS-One

Rakim, Kool G Rap & KRS-One

Group Name: Veteran’s Day

Kanye West, Talib Kweli & Pharaohe Monch

Kanye West, Talib Kweli & Pharaohe Monch

Group Name: Guerilla Monsoon

Scarface, Bun B & Slim Thug

Scarface, Bun B & Slim Thug

Group Name: Anti-Confederacy

Q-Tip, Black Thought & Common

Q-Tip, Black Thought & Common

Group Name: Rewind Power

Snoop Dogg, B-Real & Redman

Snoop Dogg, B-Real & Redman

Group Name: Smoke Break

Posdnuous, Phife Dawg & A-Plus

Posdnuos, Phife Dawg & A-Plus

Group Name: Under Rated

T.I., Ludacris & Big Boi

T.I., Ludacris & Big Boi

Group Name: Bottom’s Up

Black Milk, Royce Da 5'9 & Elzhi

Black Milk, Royce Da 5’9 & Elzhi

Group Name: Motor City

Brother Ali, Jay Electronica & Blu

Brother Ali, Jay Electronica & Blu

Group Name: Add Verbs

Wale, Lupe Fiasco & Phonte

Wale, Lupe Fiasco & Phonte

Group Name: Fresh Breath


What about you? Who would be your choices for hip-hop trios?


Jay Electronica & Mos Def Live for “Exhibit B”

Two of the best rappers out (Mos & Jay Elec)


One stage

remix continuation of one of the best songs of the year


Happy hip-hop heads, at least for 4 min and 58 seconds.

I’m think this is a remix to “Exhibit A” actually Exhibit B since my sources tell me that Justin Blaze is keeping strict tabs on the MP3’s of the other two parts of the triology. Shit, He needs to go ‘head and liberate B & C, I know they’re out there! (I see you Beewirks!)

Spotted at 2DB, Enjoy!


4th of July Half Time Mix

Happy 4th of July

While I’m working on a half-time recap piece for one of my favorite websites (you’ll know soon enough), I put together this mix of some of the year’s best hip-hop tracks thus far.

You’ll hear everything from mainstream jams by Fabolous and Maino to underground gems from Doom and Wu-Tang Clan, a concise wrap up of the best of the first half of ’09.

Spark up the BBQ (among other things, if that’s ya style), grab an ice-cold Old English and bump this for the ingredients for a dope Independence Day celebration, Enjoy!

Download Hold the Throne’s 4th of July Half Time Mix

Track List:

  1. 6th Sense – Thoughts
  2. Alchemist ft. Evidence, Blu, Talib Kweli & Kid Cudi – Therapy
  3. B.o.B./Bobby Ray – Put Me On
  4. Brother Ali – Good Lord
  5. Doom – Rap Ambush
  6. Drake ft. Lil’ Wayne & Young Jeezy – I’m Goin’ In (Remix)
  7. Eminem ft. Dr. Dre – Old Time’s Sake
  8. Fabolous ft. Jeremih – It’s My Time
  9. Finale – Pay Attention – Interlude (Beat The Drums)
  10. Jadakiss ft. Nas – What If
  11. Jay Electronica – Exhibit A (Transformations)
  12. Joe Budden ft. The Game – The Future
  13. K’naan – Wavin’ Flag
  14. k-os – I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman
  15. Madlib – The Main Inspiration: The Coltrane of Beats
  16. Maino ft. T-Pain – All The Above
  17. Mos Def – Casa Bey
  18. Reflection Eternal – Back Again
  19. Slaughterhouse – Wack MCs
  20. Tiye Phoenix – Master Plan
  21. Wale ft. Lady Gaga – Chillin’
  22. Wu-Tang Clan ft. Raekwon, MOP and Kool G Rap – Ill Figures

My Letter To Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica

Dear Jay,

We miss you, man.

And by “we,” I speak on behalf of hip-hop heads everywhere. Not that make-it-rain, bubble-gum, I’ve-got-more-swagger-than-you-and-your-crew hip-hop. I mean that life-blood, pockets-full-of-hope, do-it-cause-you-got-nothing-else hip-hop.

You gave us a pledge, we listened. You warred against bullshit using your style, we followed. You saluted, you revenged, you boxed, you produced a gem.. And we hoped. We hoped that THIS was a pivotal piece of the puzzle to revive our ever-deteriorating art form.

Just recently, you put on a brain-blowing exhibit. Even though we heard it before, we needed desperately to hear it again.

Still, it’s like I haven’t heard from you in years. It’s right now that we need you more than ever. You’re one of the few artists that has never strayed from what makes hip-hop genuine music: You are real. You don’t front. You ain’t a gimmick.

Which is why I, as a person with kicks, snares, sample loops, and microphone reverberations running through his veins, is begging you for something new.

I know you’ve got a newborn baby, congratulations by the way. I know you’re goin’ through stuff with Erykah, I just hope she didn’t do you like Common.

I understand life gets in the way of music sometimes. So, I’ve been patient but I can’t keep quiet anymore. My love for hip-hop won’t let me. Help me justify to everyone that I tell that you’re damn near the best lyricist hip-hop has heard in a decade. Give me something I can push on site, that I can buy in the stores, to help real hip-hop emerge from its subterranean realms.

I leave you with your own quote, that it might inspire you to give hip-hop what it wants needs.

Life is like a dice game

One roll could land you in jail,

Or cuttin’ cake, blowin’ kisses in the rice rain

I’m ready to roll. Are you?



Corleone, Hold the Throne



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