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A Tribe Called Quest Weekend: Instrumentals (Promo VLS) – 2002


Download: A Tribe Called Quest – Instrumentals (Promo VLS) – 2003

Coming down to the last few posts for ATCQ Weekend, here’s the instrumentals for some of your favorite Tribe jawns ripped straight from the original vinyl.

1. Left My Wallet In El Segundo
2. Public Enemy
3. Bonita Applebum
4. Muhammad Mr.
5. Check The Rhyme
6. Jazz (Remix)
7. Scenario
8. Hot Sex
9. Award Tour
10. Electric Relaxation
11. Once Again
12. Stressed Out (Remix)
13. World Play
14. Jam
15. Stressed Out (Original Mix)


OutKast Instrumentals


Just as the title says, I’m hookin up some OutKast instrumental albums today, ATLiens and Aquemini in particular. You can find the samples to all their albums on the right sidebar. With these, you’ll be able to focus in on some of Organized Noize’s best productions.

If you have any of their other instrumental albums or individual tracks, hit me in the comments or e-mail. Much appreciated!

Speaking of the greatest duo in hip-hop OutKast.. What happened to Sir Luscious Left Foot dropping this year? And an Andre 3K solo LP? AND an OutKast album? At this rate, we won’t hear any new stuff from these two until the most talentless rapper alive Gucci Mane gets out of jail. I’m praying that they get it together sooner than that.

Check both albums in one link below, Enjoy!

Download: OutKast – ATLiens & Aquemini Instrumentals


For Pete’s Sake

PR & CL 

I’m vibing to Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s Mecca & The Soul Brother Instrumentals, so why shouldn’t you?

That “T.R.O.Y.” beat gets me every time. Word to Boxden Fresh. Shout to K Nott. Enjoy!

Download: Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Mecca & The Soul Brother Instrumentals

Track List:

Return of the Mecca
For Pete’s Sake
Ghettos of the Mind
Lots of Lovin
Straighten It Out
Wig Out
Anger in the Nation
On & On
It’s Like That
Can’t Front on Me
The Basement
If It Ain’t Rough, It Ain’t Right


Get Yours: Nowalataz


This is hands down one of the best instrumental albums I’ve heard all year. I’ve been vibing to it all afternoon.

I know everyone is yapping about the BP3 and OB4CLII leaks (rightfully so), but don’t pass up this Dilla-inspired collection of beats from fellow Michigan producer 14KT that hit the ‘net last week months ago in internet time.

In the words of 14KT himself:

Whatupdoe? First off, I must say THANK YOU for supporting me and my music!! As a result of your support, I want to share some upcoming music from my 2nd album entitled Nowalataz.

Also due to the success of my first album, The Golden Hour, I will be releasing The Golden Hour 2XLP on (LIMITED EDITION GOLD VINYL w/ Full Cover Artwork) coming end of September. I will also be on tour with Mayer Hawthorne x Buff1 x Houseshoes beginning September 5th. A physical release of the Nowalataz Digital/CD is in the works.

Here it is.. a project I unofficially had done since 2006. It started when James Yancey (aka J Dilla) passed that February. To cope with the death of my favorite producer, who I liked to call my unofficial “musical mentor”, I started making “donuts” … uncontrollably.

Fellow heads should be excited to see that last track “Black & Gold” featuring none other than celebrated producer Black Milk.

Peep the download link below. Shouts to Freestyle Madness for the inspiration, Enjoy!

Download: 14KT – Nowalataz



Happy Belated B-Day RZA


With all the festivities this weekend, I accidentally neglected to wish a happy born day to Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, best known as producer/composer RZA who turned the big 4-0 yesterday. 

There’s no question that RZA a.k.a. Bobby Digital is among hip-hop’s elite. Not only has he applied his masterful sample-digging abilities and innovation on the SP-1200 to create classics for Wu-Tang Clan and its various members & affiliates but he has expanded his craft beyond the confines of rap beats to score entire movies, most notably the Kill Bill series.

Still, there’s nothing more glorious for a head than RZA’s one-of-a-kind technique – from the neck-snapping drums of “It’s Yourz,” the infectious Charmels piano sampling on “C.R.E.A.M.” to the tense, synth strings of the timeless “Triumph.”

RZA is to New York’s post-golden era as Dr. Dre is to the West’s G-funk period, as both are monumental figures in the realm of rap production. Also, did you know he produced heaters for Biggie AND Big Pun while they were alive?

While the Abbott is preparing Raekwon’s upcoming album that may never see the light of day Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2, let’s take some time to celebrate one of rap’s living legends with a couple of his instrumental collections. Enjoy!

RZAThe Instrumental Experience

Buy it at Amazon

Track List:

1. The Samples – Intro
2. Wu-Tang – 7th Chamber Part 2
3. Black Mamba
4. Diesel
5. Ya’ll Been Warned
6. Knowledge God
7. Child’s Play
8. Chamber Music
9. Severe Punishment
10. 7th Chamber
11. For Heaven’s Sake
12. Camay
13. Ice Cream
14. Triumph
15. State of Grace
16. Run
17. Brutality (The Grindz)
18. Hollow Bones
19. Reunited
20. Domestic Violence
21. My G.O.D.
22. Duck Seazon

RZA vs. Havoc – Instrumentals

Track List:

1. RZA – Shadowboxin’
2. Havoc – Shookones (Part 2)
3. RZA – C.R.E.A.M.
4. Havoc – Hell On Earth
5. RZA – It’s Yours
6. Havoc – It’s Mine
7. RZA – Can It Be All So Simple
8. Havoc – Hoodlum
9. RZA – 4th Chamber
10. Havoc – Quietstorm
11. RZA – Ice Cream
12. Havoc – Burn
13. RZA – Triumph
14. Havoc – Flood The Block
15. RZA – I’ll Be There For You
16. Havoc – We Up
17. RZA – Brooklyn Zoo
18. Havoc – Americaz Nightmare
19. RZA – Careful
20. Havoc – One Of Ours (Part 2)
21. RZA – Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing To **** Wit’
22. Havoc – Why


Melanie Fiona x ?uestlove Mixtape & The Roots’ New Single

As avid readers will know, I am borderline obsessed with Toronto songstress Melanie Fiona. So it’s natural that I was ecstatic when I first heard she would be collaborating with Roots dummer and music icon Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson for an upcoming mixtape.

We now have footage from the two jamming for this Friday’s mixtape release to promote Miss Fiona’s debut album The Bridge, dropping August 18th. Above is a clip from the studio sesh of my favorite Fiona jam “Ay Yo” and after the jump is the live jam remix to her sweet single “Give It To Me Right.”


In other Roots news, the band is set to debut its new single “How I Got Over” tonight during their duties as house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. According to, the song follows in the same vein as their previous political releases, such as “Don’t Feel Right” and “Rising Down.”

Late Night airs weekdays at 12:35 Eastern time. I advise all my fellow Roots fans to tune in to get a taste of the new album How I Got Over, expected October 20th.

I’ll take this as an opportunity to drop a dope collection that came out in 2000, The Roots –  The Instrumental Album (Limited Edition), a must-have for any collection. Check out the track list and download link after the jump.

Thanks to Okayplayer and Mr. Adoso for the scoops. Check the jump for the live remix to “Give It To Me Right,” plus The Roots’ instrumental album. Enjoy!

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