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100 Best Hip-Hop Albums of the Decade (2006-7)

100 Best Hip-Hop Albums of the Decade

*Sinatra voice* When I was 21 (2007), it was a very good year..

Click the covers or names to boost my Amazon affiliate cred buy your own copies of albums that will be remembered. Forever. Enjoy!

Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2006

1. Ghostface Killah – Fishscale

2. J Dilla (Jay Dee) – Donuts

3. T.I. – King

4. Clipse – Hell Hath No Fury

5. Nas – Hip Hop Is Dead

6. Lupe Fiasco – Food & Liquor

7. Cam’ron – Killa Season

8. The Roots – Game Theory

9. Jay-Z – Kingdom Come

10. Rhymefest – Blue Collar

Honorable Mentions: The Coup – Pick A Bigger Weapon, Cunninlynguists – A Piece of Strange

Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2007

1. Kanye West – Graduation

2. Talib Kweli – EarDrum

3. Blu & Exile – Below the Heavens

4. Lupe Fiasco – The Cool

5. Jay-Z – American Gangster

6. Little Brother – Getback

7. Black Milk – Popular Demand

8. Redman – Red Gone Wild (Thee Album)

9. Brother Ali – The Undisputed Truth  

10. UGK – Underground Kingz

Honorable Mentions: 50 Cent – Curtis, Common – Finding Forever, Pharaohe Monch – Desire, Hell Razah – Renaissance Child

Only 1 more year left, then we’ll close it out with a treat ’09. Stay tuned..


Sound Table 10/21/09


Do The Right Thing with the Lasonic i931 Boombox, it’s iPod-ready!

Haven’t been as persistent as I should be with my Sound Table segments, my apologies. So here’s some fly music to get you through the rest of hump day, Enjoy!

Sound Table

David Banner ft. Twista, Naledge, Rhymefest, Skooda Chose & Lisa Ivey – Something Is Wrong (Remix) Prod. 9th Wonder

DJ JS-1 & O.C. – Life

Emilio Rojas – Bold & Arrogant Prod. M-Phazes

Exile ft. J. Mitchell – Your Summer Song

Idle Warship (Talib Kweli, Res & Graph Noble) ft. Skyzoo – Go Brooklyn

   Idle Warship – Party Robot

Jern Eye ft. Mistah F.A.B. & Zion I – Get Right

Lil’ Wayne ft. Brisco – I’m The Truth (Full Version)

Potholes in my Blog Presents The Ozone Mixtape [Shouts to the homie Reyn]

Ryan Leslie – I Choose You

Slaughterhouse ft. Bun B – The One (Travis Barker Remix)


New Blu & Exile Track

I have no idea about any of the details about this song whatsoever. All I know is I get excited whenever I see “new” and “Blu & Exile” in the same sentence. 

Why? The duo is responsible for one of the best albums of 2007 (if not the past 5 years), as you’ll learn when I drop my list of the decade’s best albums.

They performed this track at the Roxy in Los Angeles recently, shouts to Heather for the link. I can’t wait ’til the CDQ drops, Enjoy!


The Antidote


Here’s a fresh tape from Fresno, Cali spitter Fashawn, The Antidote. Why should you be excited? It’s entirely produced by the Alchemist and Fa is a real dope lyricist from the Left Coast. Peep this previous Sound Table for evidence.

Check the release:

While the West Coast keeps bubbling with talent, Fashawn has to be one on the forefront of the movement. With breakout tapes like One Shot, One Kill with Mick Boogie and Higher Learning, Fashawn is out to prove he can spit with the best of them. His debut album Boy Meets World (entirely produced by Exile) drops October 20th, and while this has a different sound than the album, an entire tape produced by Alchemist is an achievement on its own. Expect that gutter, “razor under the tongue rap” on this. Fresno, CA has once again found a new voice.

A mixtape over Alchemist beats and an LP produced by Exile? It’d be a shame to sleep. 

Shouts to the homie Robbie from Unkut for the heads up on this tape, Enjoy!

Download: Fashawn – The Antidote compiled & produced by The Alchemist

Track List:

01. Intro
02. Shall Come A New Name
03. Fash Plays It Cool
04. The Antidote
05. Gone In 60 Seconds (Feat. Bravo)
06. Rap Seduction
07. Whats Your World
08. From The Creation (feat. The Alchemist, Roc C & OHNO)]
09. FYT
10. Lost In New York
11. Got It Sewn


Closer / Pimp Dreams

Deep Rooted

Keelay & Zaire

We’ve got two new fresh tracks from some artists that might fly under your radar but definitely deserve your attention.

First up is a new cut from San Diego soul-hop collective Deep Rooted featuring Exile behind the boards. The crew’s feel-good music continues on “Closer,” with a dope melody sung by Just Brea and verses from Johaz and Mr. Brady. Be on the lookout for more leaks from their album D.E.E.P. R.O.O.T.E.D. on Clear Label Records, commanded by Tajai of Souls of Mischief. Shouts to Audible Treats for the MP3.

Deep Rooted – Closer prod. Exile (Right Click – Save As) [Buy it on iTunes here]

Next up is some close fam of HTT, new music from production duo Keelay & Zaire featuring Slo-Mo. “Pimp Dreams” boasts the unique technique that Kee & Zee debuted earlier this year on Ridin’ High, one of the best projects of the first half of ’09 (available now on iTunes). This particular song is off the Potholes In My Blog Presents… Transmitting Live Volume One mixed by DJ Traumatix. Shouts to the good homie Reyn for the audio, Enjoy!

Keelay & Zaire ft. Slo-Mo – Pimp Dreams

Corleone, Hold the Throne



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