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Album Review: Styles P & DJ Green Lantern – The Green Ghost Project

Green Ghost Project

Styles P & DJ Green Lantern – The Green Ghost Project [MP3 Download]

Record Label: Invasion Music Group

Reviewed by Mookie

(Dom’s note: We’re now collectively known as the Most Hated by one of these guys.. If you can’t stand the heat, get yo’ stankin’ ass out my kitchen!)

When you think of Yonkers-born emcee Styles P, you probably picture him as one of the frontmen of hardcore rap group The LOX. “The Ghost” has also built up a respectable solo discography over the years, with The Green Ghost Project as his newest album. Along with a mob of guest artists and producers, DJ Green Lantern and Styles linked up to create what they call a “monster” of a project. 

The Green Lantern-produced “Nothing To Lose” opens the album up with an abrupt banger. Turn this one up, it’s bass-heavy with a light accent that makes the beat just memorable enough to shine without overshadowing Styles’ vivid quotables.  

An impressive Slick Rick-sampling instrumental by Alchemist ensues on “Make Millions From Entertainment,” although the lyrical effort from Styles P didn’t quite match up. The dark, erie beat on “Time Will Tell” emphasizes Raekwon‘s stand-out feature instead. 

Unfortunately, not all of the production was up to par. “Bang Time” obnoxiously overuses an M.O.P. sample, diminishing its replay value and casting away an otherwise satisfactory feature while “Invasion” sours a Jadakiss appearance with a mundane beat and an out-of-place hook from Junior Reid

Styles has never really been known for his lyrical superiority, and nothing changes here. Most of the verses coil around the main subject matter: money. Although he does branch out occasionally into the realm of prison time (“Send A Kite”) or reminiscence (“Born In These Streets”). 

Still, poor production and low replay value plague nearly this entire project. No more than 4 of the 15 songs are worth multiple spins for anyone outside of Styles P fanatics. Although those few joints may be good, it’s not worth buying the entire album just for the sake of listening to them because it should have been a mixtape – at least the musical quality is reflective of one.


Album Review: Strong Arm Steady – In Search of Stoney Jackson

Strong Arm Steady - In Search of Stoney Jackson

Strong Arm Steady – In Search of Stoney Jackson [MP3 Download]

Stones Throw Records | Blacksmith Records

By Mookie

Back when Death Row Records dominated the West Coast rap game, a loose collective of Cali-based emcees including frontman Xzibit, formed Strong Arm Steady and built a considerable buzz on the underground circuit with a number of popular mixtapes. Since then, X-to-the-Z along with a handful of other members left the group, making Strong Arm Steady a trio composed of Mitchy Slick, Phil Da Agony, and Krondon.

In Search of Stoney Jackson is the group’s second studio album, and the first to be released on Talib Kweli‘s label, Blacksmith Records Stones Throw Records. With exclusive production from the legendary Madlib and features from the likes of Phonte (of Little Brother), Evidence, and Planet Asia among others, on paper, this project couldn’t look much better.

The actual result proved to be less than amazing. While Madlib holds up his end on the production, masterfully crafting a number of impressive, sample-heavy beats, Strong Arm Steady disappoints lyrically on the majority of the album. Phil Da Agony sounds awkward as he fumbles through most of his verses, almost as if he was rhyming off the top of his head the whole time. And while Krondon‘s efforts are quality at different times throughout the album, it’s not enough to single-handedly support the group when Phil didn’t bring his A-game and Mitchy Slick is borderline absent, only appearing on two of the album’s 18 tracks.

 But don’t write Stoney Jackson off just yet, guest appearances save this album’s replay value. Phonte comes through on the opener Best Of Times with the smoothest of hooks and Talib Kweli drops a dope verse on the Roxanne Shante-sampling Get Started. Unfortunately, some guest spots hurt more than they help. Like the cluttered True Champs that unsuccessfully squeezes in verses from 5 different rappers.

 As I mentioned before, Madlib really makes sure there’s not a negative comment to say about the production on this album. Songs like “Pressure,” my personal favorite, make it impossible for you not to bob your head to the bass-infested beat. The same ensues on the mean-mug worthy “Ambassadors”, while he flaunts a more laid-back style on “Chittlins & Pepsi”.

 If your a big fan of Strong Arm Steady, In Search of Stoney Jackson might be a disappointment as it clearly sits on the shoulders of good guest features and exceptional production, but if your just looking for some quality underground West Coast rap, pick this one up – it’s worth a spin.


New Alicia Keys & Robin Thicke Albums


Let’s flip it on the R&B tip this morning, my good peoples.

I been looking forward to new albums from my-wife-to-be Alicia Keys and Robin Thicke for a lil’ bit now. I’ve always loved Alicia’s “assets” artistry and have been a long-time fan of Thicke, one of the most overlooked singers of this generation.

I’m not goin’ to ruin the fun by going deep into their respective albums The Element of Freedom and Sex Therapy: The Session, so let’s just say I believe both are worth your time and possibly your hard-earned cheddar depending on your preference. Alicia often sings of heartache that evolves into liberation while Thicke focuses on intimacy and, well, sexy time (c) Borat. Except that idiotic song with the Myra of rap Nicki Minaj, which is about shaking posteriors for gentlemen. I’d be all for it under one stipulation – that Minaj didn’t open her mouth (to speak, that is..).

Anyways, I might flip a review of one of these soon. I’ll keep you up on that if I do, beautiful people. For now, I’m linking to some choice selections from each.

Both albums drop in stores next Tuesday, the 15th. You can pre-order them now from Amazon by clicking on the covers.

Peep the track lists and download links below, Enjoy!

1. The Element Of Freedom (Intro)
2. Love Is Blind
3. Doesn’t Mean Anything
4. Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart
5. Wait Til They See My Smile
6. That’s How Strong My Love Is
7. Unthinkable (I’m Ready) ft. Drake
8. Love Is My Disease
9. Like The Sea
10. Put It In A Love Song ft. Beyoncé Knowles
11. This Bed
12. Distance And Time
13. How It Feels To Fly
14. Empire State Of Mind (Part II)

Bonus Tracks:
Through It All
Pray For Forgiveness

1. Mrs. Sexy
2. Sex Therapy
3. Meiplé (feat. Jay-Z)
4. Make U Love Me
5. It’s In The Mornin’ (feat. Snoop Dogg)
6. Shakin’ It 4 Daddy (feat. Nicki Minaj)
7. Elevatas (feat. KiD CuDi)
8. Start With A Kiss
9. Rollacoasta (feat. Estelle)
10. Million Dollar Baby (feat. Jazmine Sullivan)
11. 2 Luv Birds
12. I Got U
13. Jus Right
14. Mona Lisa
15. Brand New Luv
16. Diamonds (feat. Game)


Review: Clipse – Til The Casket Drops

I’m extra excited today. No, it’s not JUST because the Giants whooped the Cowgirls OR bc Rutgers’ football team got their 5th straight bowl bid.

It’s ’cause I dropped my first review in a HOT minute. Not just that, I got to contribute to one of my favorite hip-hop blogs. Maybe you’ve heard of it? 


Hip Hop Is Read!

It’s run by a close friend of mine from the West Coast, the incomparable Ivan Rott. If you haven’t heard our OutKast sample set collabs yet, check out the sidebar. Also, we’re cooking up some more stuff in the near future. Stay tuned!


TTCD is distinctly different from Lord Willin’ and Hell Hath No Fury – primarily due to the production roster and song concepts – though a common thread is the embodiment of each rapper’s struggle, whether dealing drugs or making music, which leads to celebrating triumph despite immense pressure. Sadly, the focus is on the joy this time rather than the labor required to attain it.


Click Here for the Full Review: Clipse – Til The Casket Drops


The Official Illmind Remix Album


Reppin’ my homestate, Illmind has been bringing the heat for years now flipping beats for artists at all points on the spectrum – 50 Cent, Redman, Eminem, Talib Kweli, Boot Camp Click, Little Brother, and many more.

Following the third installment of his Blaps, Rhymes & Life series, The Official Illmind Remix Album features eighteen dope remixes by the man himself. Presented by MYX Music Label, 2dopeboyz, Okayplayer, NahRight & Aubible Treats, it also contains 4 unreleased Fortilive (Slo-Mo & MushMouf) tracks for your listening pleasure.

Shouts to Shake for the heads up, Enjoy!

Download: The Official Illmind Remix Album

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