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Name That Sample #7: MJ Edition

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[Edit] Congrats to Ron for the correct answer! The MJ song is “With A Child’s Heart” off the album Music & Me, sampled by Big Punisher’s “You Ain’t A Killer” produced by Young Lord.

I think it’s only right we partake in paying tribute to Michael Jackson by including one of his songs for this version of Name That Sample.

See if you can name the original MJ song and album in addition to the hip-hop song that sampled it.

Good luck!

Name That Sample #7


Name That Sample #6

 Name That Sample

[Edit] Congrats to Jonathan for guessing the right sample. The original song is Madonna’s “Justify My Love” reinterpeted by Left coast producer DJ Quik for “Justify My Thug” on Jay-Z’s The Black Album. Thanks for participating!

Here goes the 6th installment of my Name That Sample series. The catch here, it’s required to name the original artist and song title since it might should be relatively ridiculously easy to name the sampling song this time around.

Cool? Have fun.

Name That Sample #6

[Props to Ivan for the ill hook up]


Name That Sample #5

Steely Dan

[Edit] Nice call, Ivan! The original sample is Steely Dan “Peg,” used by Prince Paul to construct De La Soul’s “Eye Know” off 3 Feet High & Rising. De La fans and sample heads should stay tuned for a separate post soon dedicated to the song.

Okay, I’m forced to give a hint for this one because Kweli re-Tweeted my statement about hip-hop’s uninformed fanbase.

I’d wager that at least that percentage has NO clue who Steely Dan is, let alone that the band has provided some of the genre’s most recognizable samples.

Shit, youngins probably thought “Steely Dan” was just a dude’s name, perhaps a porn star they saw on YouPorn the other night in between drooling over Sonic the Glass Jaw Charles Hamilton videos. Come to think of it, I bet I could make a killing in the adult film industry as “Steely Dom.” Hmm..


I assume this one will be more difficult the younger you are, but try to guess the 1989 single inspired by the jazz-rock duo. An e-trophy if you know the producer, however that should be easy once you guess the track.

I’ve got a follow-up post coming as soon as someone hits up the comment section with the right answer soon, when I approve the comments. Best of luck! 

Name That Sample #5


Name That Sample #4

 Name That Sample

Before I skip off to this sweet summer BBQ, I thought I’d drop this off. See if you can name the original artist and title, bonus points for the legendary producer that flipped it.


Name That Sample #4

[Edit] The original song is “Valantra” by jazz piano player Les McCann. DJ Premier flipped it for the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ten Crack Commandments” off Life After Death.


Name That Sample #3

Name That Sample #3

[Edit] Congrats to Mookie and E-Rich. There’s actually two answers I would have accepted for this one.

Original song is 5th Dimension “Together Let’s Find Love” while the sampling songs are O.C. “Ga Head” from Word… Life and Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing)” from the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Thanks for participating!

3rd time’s a charm. See if you can name this one, bonus points for naming the original artist & song. Hit up the comment section with your guess.

Ready?.. Go!

Name That Sample #3

[Shouts to the true e-digging King, Ivan. He Holds the Throne in that respect]


Name That Sample #2

Name That Sample #2

I made sure this one was harder. (Pause.)

Bonus points for the producer and original title of this one, Go!


Voting is still open, even though a couple of people guessed it already!

..Closed! The sampling song is Talib Kweli “Good To You” produced by Kanye West, original is Al Green “Simply Beautiful.” Thanks to Ivan and Mookie for the comments!

Hold the Throne – Name That Sample #2


Name That Sample #1

[Edit: I said it was easy, Ha! I closed the voting early simply ’cause everyone should already know this one. The sample is The Charmels – “As Long As I’ve Got You” and it was sampled by RZA for “C.R.E.A.M.” off Wu-Tang’s classic LP Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers.

Y’all think you’re smart, huh? Wait ’til the next go-around, I’ll try to stump you then.]

New blog, new series. It’s pretty simple. I upload a sample, you guess which hip-hop song used it, gotta tell me the artist and the album. Bonus points awarded if you can name the original artist and song title.

Oh, and I’ve stripped the song of any tags to avoid any Google-induced cheating. I also turned comment moderation so you can’t see what other folks have said.

We’ll start it with an easy one, it’s from a Top 5 LP of all time. You’ve got 24-hours, leave your guess in the comment section. Let’s go!

Hold the Throne Name That Sample #1

[Ivan or Kevin, you hush until the voting is over, Ha!]

Corleone, Hold the Throne



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