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Name That Sample #14

NTS #14 

Let’s get it poppington this morning with a lil’ Name That Sample.

You know the deal, tell me the original song & artist plus the sampling song & producer if possible. Shouts to Hurricane I for the sample set, it should be an easy one for him!

Hint: It’s a song from a Wu-Tang Clan member, on (in my opinion) the second-best solo LP from the Wu. Bonus points if you can guess my favorite.

Good luck y’all!

[Edit] Congrats to the homie CtrlAltMalik for guessing the sampling song Raekwon “Criminology” off Only Built 4 Cuban Linx produced by the one and only RZA. The original is The Sweet Inspirations’ “Why Marry.” Peace!

Name That Sample #14


Name That Sample #13

Name That Sample

Lucky number 13 on deck, see if you can guess the original song and artist along with the sampling track.

Hint: This is one of the best songs of 2006, hands down.

Good luck!

[Edit] Congrats to Ms Rose for guessing correctly. And E-Rich, that sounds like it could be the same sample, yes. The original I was looking for is Sharon Cash “Fever,” sampled by Just Blaze for Ghostface’s “The Champ” off Fishscale. Thanks for stoppin’ thru!

Name That Sample #13


Name That Sample #12

Name That Sample

This edition of Name That Sample is on the tougher side (although, my readers never cease to amaze me all the time with their knowledge). See if you can name the original then the artist & song that sampled it.

Hint: The sampling song is by one of hip-hop’s most prestigious golden era groups. Also, I saw them perform at Rock The Bells Jones Beach NYC last year. I’ve said too much already..

Best of luck!

[Edit] Shouts to CtrlAltMalik and beewirks for correctly answering this one. The original is Ian Dury & The Blockheads’ “What A Waste” flipped by Ali Shaheed Muhammad for A Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It?” .. Yes, you can!

Name That Sample #12


Name That Sample #11

Name That Sample

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to participate in my Name That Sample series. I’ve had some responses recently that most have been too easy, so here’s a hard one (that’s what she said, ZING).

Hint: The original is a sweet jazz record. The sampling song is off my 2nd favorite rapper’s debut CD. I know this isn’t a hint if you don’t know me, but you could always ask.

Good luck!

[Edit] We got 2 correct answers, congrats y’all! The original is Eddie Henderson’s “Inside You,” sampled by Clark Kent for Jay-Z’s “Coming of Age” featuring Memphis Bleek off Reasonable Doubt.

Name That Sample #11


Name That Sample #10

Name That Sample

Here goes the tenth installment of HTT’s Name That Sample. See if you can name the original artist and song, in addition to the the sampling artist and song.

Hint: Dip Set!

Name That Sample #10

[Edit] Shouts to Beewirks for the correct answer. This one was pretty easy, I know. The original song is Dorothy Moore “Too Blind To See,” flipped by the Heatmakerz for Cam’ron’s “Purple Haze” off Diplomatic Immunity back in 2003. Also, thanks for the feedback Bee.

I wanna take some time to get your opinion on this series, to let me know how it’s going thus far by answering a couple questions:

-Do you enjoy it?

-Is it informative?

-Is it too difficult? Too easy?

-What do you think about UserShare and DivShare? Would you rather I use ZShare?

[FYI – The reason I’d only use these three are for the preview/stream function. I don’t want you to have to download the tracks before you listen, previewing apabilities is a must.]

-What would you do differently if you were me?

I have some ideas about how I’d want to proceed, I’d just love to hear what my loyal readers think before I do anything.

I greatly appreciate the feedback in advance. Good luck!


Name That Sample #9

Name That Sample

Here goes a lil’ weekend edition of Name That Sample.

It might be easy to name the hip-hop song for this one, but definitely more difficult to name the original artist & song. Can you do it?

No hints this time around.

Best of luck!

Name The Sample #9

[Edit] Congrats to DJ Sunshine for the correct guess. The original song is Enoch Light “A Little Fugue For You & Me,” sampled by The Beatnuts for “No Escapin’ This” off their 2001 LP Take It or Squeeze It. Thanks for playing!


Name That Sample #8

Name That Sample

I’ve been meaning to post this one up for a while, as it’s one of my personal favorites. Much thanks to the lovely April Rose for the inspiration.

Can you name the original song and artist plus the sampling song and producer?

Hint: The portion I’m looking for pops up after the 5-minute mark.

Best of luck!

Name That Sample #8

[Edit] April is (half) right! While Ivan (of course) got it all right. The orig is Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman,” sampled by both Kanye West for Talib Kweli’s “Get By” and Timbaland for ” Oh Timbaland.”

Til next time, Peace!

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