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[Final Post] A Tribe Called Quest Weekend: The Lost Tribes (Compilation) [Japan] – 2006

The Lost Tribes

Download: A Tribe Called Quest – The Lost Tribes (Compilation) [Japan] – 2006

We’ve made it (finally, right? Ha) all the way through A Tribe Called Quest Weekend, give yourselves a round of applause! For the final post, I’m dropping this compilation of rare material that came out in Japan a few years ago.

As of 2006, “I C U (Doin’ It)” is the most recent Tribe song, which was released in 2003. “That Shit” is the only A Tribe Called Quest song released with vocals by Jay Dee. The “Scenario Remix” was the B-side to the original. The O\original “Jam” can be found on Beats, Rhymes and Life, as well as the original “Stressed Out.”

Thanks for ridin’ with me this weekend. Let me know if there’s any Tribe stuff you want to see, and I might post it. If you have trouble downloading anything, I’ll re-up links per request.

Stay tuned for more “Weekend” dedications to come in the future, Enjoy!

1. Oh My God (UK Flavor Radio Mix)
2. Mardi Gras At Midnight (Feat. Rah Digga)
3. The Remedy (Feat. Common)
4. Can I Kick It? (Phase 5 Mix) (Denmark)
5. Stressed Out Remix (Baby Phife Version)
6. Scenario (Remix) (Feat. Leaders of the New School)
7. I C U Doing It (Feat. Erykah Badu)
8. It’s Yours
9. Jam (remix) (Feat. Consequence)
10. Game Day (Feat. Rodney Hampton)
11. Glamour & Glitz
12. Weekendz (Feat. Consequence)
13. Hey
14. Rumble In The Jungle (Feat. Busta Rhymes, Forte & Fugees)
15. Practice Session
16. Bonus Track : That Shit (Feat. Jay Dee)


A Tribe Called Quest Weekend: Electric Relaxation / Midnight (VLS) – 1994

Electric Relaxation

Download: A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation / Midnight (VLS) – 1994

One of my Top 3 favorite Tribe jams featuring a beautiful Ramsey Lewis sample and one of the best lines ever from Phife, “Bust off on your couch, now you got Sieman’s (semen’s) furniture.” Relax yo’ self, girl..

1. Electric Relaxation (Relax Yourself Girl) (LP Version) 3:45
2. Electric Relaxation (Relax Yourself Girl) (Instrumental) 3:47
3. Midnight (LP Version) 4:19
4. Midnight (Instrumental) 4:19


A Tribe Called Quest Weekend: Tribe Vibes Vol. 1-3 [Original Samples]



Since it’s A Tribe Called Quest Weekend here at HTT, I’m goin’ in. What better time to drop this post than now?

Tribe Vibes Volumes 1-3 is an epic vinyl collection compiled by Strictly Breaks for the true hip-hop head. Much respect due to T.R.O.Y., where I first spotted these enormous lists of samples spanning Tribe’s prolific discography. This is an absolutely essential download, so I re-upped my own links plus included the original post.

Check below for the track lists & download links. I can’t express how much I appreciate the good folks at T.R.O.Y. Strictly Breaks and Ivan for putting me on to these projects. Word on the street ‘net is there might be a Volume 4 coming soon. Stay tuned, Enjoy! 


Tribe Vibes Vol 1

Download: Tribe Vibes Volume 1 [Orginal Post]

C8. Little Miss Lover (Scenario drums)
D1. Mystic Brew (Electric Relaxation)
D2. Inside Love (Electric Relaxation)
D3. Absolutions (Oh My God)
D4. Why Can’t People Be Colors Too (Oh My God drums)
D5. Martins Funeral (We Can Get Down)
D6. Outside Love (Electric Relaxation drums)
D8. Ekim (Steve Biko)
D9. Dirty Old Bossa Nova (Jam)

Tribe Vibes Vol 2

Download: Tribe Vibes Volume 2 – Part I

Tribe Vibes Volume 2 – Part II

 [Original Post]

Tribe Vibes Vol 3

Download: Tribe Vibes Volume 3 – Part I 

Tribe Vibes Volume 3 – Part II

[Original Post]

A1. Star of the Story [Verses From The Abstract]
A2. Upon this Rock [Verses From The Abstract Drums]
A3. Steam Drill [Infamous Date Rape]
A4. New Rags [Buggin Out]
A5. Tribute to Obabi [Excursions]
A6. Time [Excursions]
A7. Midnight Cowboy [Show Business]
A8. Brazilian Rhyme [Mr.Muhammed]
B1. Exp (skit) [If The Papes Come]
B2. Pot Belly [If The Papes Come]
B3. Who’s Makin Love [Hot Sex]
B4. All You Need Is Love (skit) [Luck Of Lucien]
B5. Sir Duke [Footprints]

A Tribe Called Quest Weekend: Like It Like That / Pad & Pen (VLS) – 1998

Like It Like That

Funky cut off Tribe’s 5th and final album The Love Movement before they broke up, unfortunately..

Download: A Tribe Called Quest – Like It Like That (VLS) – 1998

1. Like It Like That (Radio Version) 2:46
2. Like It Like That (Album Version) 2:46
3. Like It Like That (Instrumental) 2:46
4. Pad & Pen (Radio Version) ft. D-Life 3:23
5. Pad & Pen (Album Version) ft. D-Life 3:23
6. Pad & Pen (Instrumental) 3:23


A Tribe Called Quest Weekend: Oh My God (CDM) – 1994

Oh My God

Gotta be one of their smoothest beats, that Kool & the Gang sample is ill-na-na..

Download: A Tribe Called Quest – Oh My God (CDM) – 1994

1. Oh My God (Rap Version) ft. Busta Rhymes 3:29
2. Oh My God (Remix) 4:02
3. Oh My God (Know Naim Remix) ft. Know Naim 2:48
4. Lyrics To Go (LP Version) 4:09
5. Lyrics To Go (Remix) 3:50 ft. Tumblin’ Dice
6. One Two Shit ft. Busta Rhymes 4:31


A Tribe Called Quest Weekend: Scenario Remixes (VLS) – 1992


Some fresh remixes to the classic song..

Did you know: Kid Hood was killed 3 days after recording his verse for the remix.

Download: A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario Remixes (VLS) – 1992

1. 05:20 Scenario (7 MC’s Mix) ft. Leaders of the New School & Kid Hood
2. 05:03 Scenario (Young Nation Mix) 
3. 05:18 Scenario (12″ Instrumental Remix) 
4. 05:01 Scenario (Young Nation Instrumental) 
5. 05:16 Scenario (Remix) 
6. 04:09 Scenario (LP Mix) 
7. 05:11 Scenario (Remix Instrumental) 
8. 04:10 Scenario (LP Instrumental)


A Tribe Called Quest Weekend: Scenario / Oh My God / Jazz (We Got) (VLS) – 1997

Scenario / Oh My God / Jazz (We Got)

Here’s a gem from the Jive classic 12” series. If “Scenario” doesn’t get you bouncing, I dunnow what will. Here we go, yo!

Download: A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario / Oh My God / Jazz (We Got) (VLS) – 1997

1. Scenario (LP Version) ft. Busta Rhymes
2. Scenario (Remix) ft. Kid Hood
3. Scenario (Young Nation Mix) by Bagga Demus & Young Disciples
4. Oh My God (LP Version)
5. Oh My God (Radio Version)
6. Oh My God (Remix)
7. Jazz (We’ve Got) (Re-recording)

Corleone, Hold the Throne



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