Download Dilemma: Jay Electronica – Exhibit C prod. Just Blaze

Exhibit C

It looks like ‘Nawlins prodigy Jay Electronica has finally truly answered my letter to him, as the best song of the year the most anticipated CD-quality MP3 of the year hit iTunes last night. I woke up in the middle of the night to see this Tweet by Nation but I was too tired to post, despite my intense excitement to hear the finished product.

Now, normally I’d have no problem dropping a download link for my peoples. But this isn’t normal hip-hop we got here. In my personal opinion, Jay Elechannukkah (listen to the song, you’ll get it) is a cornerstore of the genre’s future and essential in efforts to spread what it means to be a real MC. However, there have been many great rappers whose songs I’ve posted for free download.. I was torn as to what I should do.

I want to represent independent & underground MC’s as much as possible, so here’s the deal. If any artist provides me with a free download, I’ll link it. If they don’t, I’ll link to where you can purchase it. I haven’t outwardly stated this and I admit I’ve strayed from this in the past, so from here on out this is how it’s goin’ down. There’s nothing sheisty going on behind the scenes here, I’m a straight-up dude. I’ve been asked to take down links before, each time I have complied hastily.

Call me what you want, I am not providing a free download link. If you can’t shell out a measly $3 for a great record, then you don’t get it from me. Plain and simple. It’s my blog, my decision.

‘Nuff said, let’s get down to business. Props to The Megatron Don himself for the iTunes link, Enjoy!

Download on iTunes: Jay Electronica – Exhibit C EP prod. Just Blaze (Or click on the cover)

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