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AZ – The Come Up (Ritchcraft Remix) [Video]

It’s no easy task to remake a DJ Premier-produced record, but that’s exactly what Ritchcraft recently attempted.

For the fourth installment of his Tuesday remix series, the Nova Scotia, Canada producer flipped AZ’s “The Come Up” from 2005’s A.W.O.L. The result is a brand new feel to the song, equipped with intense strings and snapping snares.

Be on the lookout for more Ritchcraft remixes, culminating in a downloadable EP when the series is finished. Check out his Vimeo page for more fresh remixes.

I’ve included the original below for comparison’s sake, so feel free to hit the comment section with your thoughts.

Shouts to the man himself and Sadie for the video, Enjoy!

Download: AZ – The Come Up prod. DJ Premier (Original)


Sounds from the Skylight


British trip-hop phenom Paul White drops his second round of instrumentals today, as Sounds from the Skylight (Side B) follows in the same vein as last week’s Side A. One-Handed Music describes it as:

10 more weird and wonderful beat constructions fresh from Paul’s South London attic studio, known as ‘The Skylight’. Woozy, psychedelic hiphop from one of the most fertile imaginations of our time.

Personally, I view White as a balance between J Dilla and DJ Shadow, with some DJ Krush sprinkled in. Fans of any of those three will enjoy White’s lush soundscapes and crisp drums.

You now have a choice as to where you’d like to download these two sonic creations. Actually, you don’t. Scoop it at the links below from the increasingly-popular digital download website Bandcamp.

Big ups to Sach-O for putting me on, Enjoy!


Paul White – Sounds from the Skylight (Side A)

Paul White – Sounds from the Skylight (Side B)


New Souls of Mischief LP Drops Today

After almost a decade-long hiatus, Left Coast veteran crew Souls of Mischief returns today with Montezuma’s Revenge.

A-Plus, Tajai, Opio and Phesto recorded the album in the lab with none other than producer Prince Paul and long-time collaborator Domino. Apparently, they rented a house to isolate in order to focus on making the album.

[Paul] had concepts, and its good to have an outside perspective – it was a great process.


I checked it out briefly last night, and it sounds like their strategy paid off as this might be a late addition to my end-of-the-year list of best albums.

Head over to Amazon to pick up your copy, and be a part of the Souls resurrection. What, you thought I wasn’t gon’ make you work for good music? Ha!

Check out a video of illustrator Steven Lopez (he drew this picture of Erykah Badu) working on the sweet cover for Montezuma’s Revenge down below. I also provided a sneak peak with the lead single “Tour Stories” and a recent leak “Proper Aim.” Don’t say I never gave you nothin’!

Shouts to Hurricane for the MP3’s and Michelle for the video. Also, look for a HTT and HHIR collab coming to an e-hood near you soon. Enjoy!

Download: Souls of Mischief – Tour Stories prod. Domino

                      Souls of Michief – Proper Aim prod. Prince Paul

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