This Ain’t Rappin’, This Is Street Hop


.. Has sprung a leak! Sorry to bite a Nas line, but it’s my blog so I do what I want, aight?

If you’re anything like me,  you’ve been waiting on Royce Da 5’9”s solo LP Street Hop since he announced it back when Slaugtherhouse was buzzin’ the group’s pre e-fuckery.

I stick by my opinion during TRU’s Brain Trust discussion on the hottest MC in Slaughterhouse:

[Royce]’s the most complete MC, swiftly maneuvering between abrasive battle raps and astute verbal acrobatics. The others are dope, but competition within the crew has elevated Nickle Nine to the height of his ability.. Finally!

To celebrate such a glorious moment for the Detroit MC, I’ll link you to the full download for a limited time only. I won’t mention my connect, ’cause he’s well-aware he’s that dude, just know it’s legit.

Now all we need is that Bad Meets Evil reunion and I can die a predominantly happy hip-hop fan.

Pre-order your copy of Street Hop before it drops October 20th to support real fuckin’ music, my good folks. 

Now I usually don’t do this, but.. Enjoy!

Download: Royce Da 5’9” – Street Hop

Previously: Street Hop Sampler

Track List:

1. Gun Harmonizing (Feat. Crooked I) (Produced by Emile)
2. Count For Nothing (Produced by Streetrunner)
3. Soldier (Feat. Kid Vishis)
4. Something 2 Ride (Feat. Phonte)
5. Dinner Time (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
6. Far Away
7. The Warriors (Feat. Slaughterhouse) (Produced by Streetrunner)
8. …A Brief Intermission (Skit)
9. New Money (Produced by Streetrunner)
10. Shake This (Produced by DJ Premier)
11. Gangsta (Feat. Trick Trick)
12. Mine In Thiz (Produced by Mr. Porter)
13. Street Hop 2010 (Produced by Six July)
14. Thing For Your Girlfriend (Hoe Jack) (Feat. Kay Young)
15. On The Run
16. Murder
17. Bad Boy (Feat. Jungle Rock Jr.) (Produced by DJ Green Lantern)
18. Part Of Me (Produced by Carlos Broady)
19. Love From The Hood (Feat. Bun B & Joell Ortiz) (Produced by DJ Premier)

5 Responses to “This Ain’t Rappin’, This Is Street Hop”

  1. October 13, 2009 at 9:21 pm

    I keep telling myself I won’t grab these links but it’s getting more difficult everyday son.

    • October 14, 2009 at 9:57 am

      Zillz – Do you need a copy?

      Mookie – LOL I had to do it.. If you want to borrow mine, let me know.

      Sam – If you can hold off, more power to you. I want everything and I want it right now, it’s one of my character defects. I wish I was able to listen to albums in there entirety for the first time, I only do that on occasion now. Gone are the days where I post up in my room and press “play” on the CD changer.. *Shrugs*

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