Let’s Go

Let's Go

.. ‘Cause it just don’t stop, party people.

The very good folks at Potholes In My Blog shot me over the first track off their upcoming mixtape Potholes In My Blog Presents.. The Ozone entitled “Let’s Go.” From the press release:

.. A new mixtape highlighting talent both up-and-coming and established out of one of the hottest breeding grounds for underground hip hop…Orlando?!?!?

If you’re confused, don’t worry. So am I. Oh well, let’s roll with it.

In all honesty, I’m posting this solely because I’m a big fan of the homie Emilio Rojas, who is featured on this track by the most original hip-hop name I’ve ever heard IMAKEMADBEATS

I’m sorry, but I gotta throw my $.02 in here. I wouldn’t have listened to this song if it was an IMAKEMADBEATS solo joint. Would you have?

Someone should tell him to reconsider if he’s serious about making music. Actually, someone just did. That someone is me. It looks like a name my 9-year old cousin would choose as his XBox Live moniker. And what’s with the all-caps? Are you screaming at me to let me know that you make beats? C’mon dog, there’s gotta be a better way to promote yourself.

Don’t act like people actually call you that, either. You made it up, therefore you can change it. And don’t use some “formally known as” bullshit, just change it and move on. You’ll thank me later, no Drake.

I’m not knocking his ability whatsoever, I actually like this particular beat, however I respect creativity and originality in hip-hop and that name possesess neither.

Anyways, the mixtape drops October 20th which is shaping up to be a very busy day in hip-hop, especially for my close homie William Cooper. If you don’t know why yet, shame on you. Direct yourself to the sidebar on the right or to the nearest cliff. Thank you much.

Shout to Reyn, Soul Supreme and all the Potholes familia for the heads up on this one, just tell your boy I need to see some more thought when it comes to his nickname. Enjoy!

Download: IMAKEMADBEATS ft. Emilio Rojas – Let’s Go


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