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Outkast – Speakerboxxx / The Love Below: The Samples

Speakerboxxx / The Love Below

The second OutKast set from Ivan and me today is for their certified diamond double-CD Speakerboxxx / The Love Below, the highest-selling rap album ever according to the RIAA.

Released in ’03, each disc is held in high regard among music heads as a modern-day masterpiece. Big Boi’s Speakerboxxx is heralded for its loyalty to the thump-centric OutKast of old while Andre’s off-the-wall The Love Below received critial praise for its innovative, free-flowing nature. This project also marked the departure of Organized Noize as producers, as the duo themselves took sole control the boards with brief assistance from Mr. DJ, Carl Mo, Cutmaster Swiff & Dojo5.

The sample selection is as diverse as the album itself, especially since the majority were featured on Andre’s portion.  Everything from hip-hop (Geto Boys, Volume 10) to funk (Parliament) to soul (The Four Tops, Patti LaBelle) and classic jazz (John Coltrane) is represented here, creating a sound beyond the confines of any particular genre.

Regardless of your thoughts on the album, there’s no denying it pushed the metaphorical envelope for a sonically-pleasing experience. I hope you find the music behind the final product is just as entertaining, Enjoy!

Hold the Throne & Hip Hop Is Read Present Outkast – Speakerboxxx / The Love Below [The Samples]

Track List:

Track List


Outkast – Stankonia: The Samples


Oh, you thought we forgot? Never that!

Hurricane and Corleone are back at it again to keep the series going strong with two more glorious OutKast sample sets for your audible pleasure.

The funkified Southern-hop of Big Boi & Andre’s 2000 banger Stankonia is first up, for which Organized Noize Productions and Earthtone III only needed four carefully-chosen, expertly-placed samples.

You’ll notice a dazzling Brothers Johnson sample for the timeless “Ms. Jackson,” which happens to be my Pops’ favorite hip-hop song ever. Also, you might not have expected it, but the organic single “So Fresh, So Clean” reinterprets the sultry Joe Simon song “Before The Night Is Over.” I’m certain each of these Kast cuts will never get old, as I STILL have “So Fresh, So Clean” as one of my BlackBerry alerts.

Get ready to take a trip to the place from which all funky thangs come, Enjoy!

Hold the Throne & Hip Hop Is Read Present Outkast – Stankonia [The Samples]

Track List:

Track List


Royal Court & Sound Table 7/14/09

Renee Kandy

Renee Kandy of Lawrenceville & Newark, NJ


Royal Court:

The Rap Up Brain Trust Half Time Report: The Best & Worst Rap Songs & Albums of 2009 (So Far)

TRU Brain Trust Determines Game’s Jay-Z “Diss” Wasn’t Worth Our Time

15 Horrible Places To Be High [via Hail Mary Jane]

Behind The Scenes of Rosa Acosta’s Photo Shoot [via Real Talk NY]

Ghostbusters Car For Sale [via Ruby Hornet]

Rakim Readies The Seventh Seal, New Single July 28th[via Grand Good]

Worst Boob Jobs Ever [via Yep Yep]

WYDU’s Mid Way Report: Top 5 Instrumental Albums [via Wake Your Daughter Up]


Sound Table:

DJ JS-1 ft. Masta Ace, OC & Pharoahe Monch – Ridiculous (Remix) [via Michelle at Audible Treats] (Buy the track here)

Elucid – However You Want prod. Von Pea [via Khal]

Nametag ft. Skyzoo – Back On My Shit (Prod. by Black Milk) [via Nah Right]

Skyzoo – “The Beautiful Decay” (Prod. by 9th Wonder) [via Gotty at TSS]

Twista ft. Kanye West – Alright prod. Kanye West & No I.D. (Bonus off Category F5, buy the album here) [via Perajok]

Usher ft. Pharrell – Certified (prod. The Neptunes) [NoDJ] [via 2DB]


The il Before The Storm


As I was politicking yesterday with the good homie Khal from the severely underrated site Rock The Dub about the possibility of some projects for the future (stay tuned!), he mentioned he had something in the works with Joulzil, a dope Dallas MC that he put me on to a lil’ while back.

The il Before The Storm is the project he was referring to, and here it is! I’ll let him describe it:

Everything on here is produced by the homegirl Entity Starr (for SwAsHo Productions), and the only feature is from the homey Original Soul. The topics range from warm summer afternoon funk to deeper, more thought-provoking material. Joulz is a gifted MC with endless flows and fresh lyrics – a true mic controller. This is a great compilation, sort of like a prophecy of what’s to come from this talented individual; I love being able to hold onto a batch of tracks from an artist that I truly admire, but what I love more is finally being able to play weatherman, and hit you with that stormwatch. Get your umbrellas out, there’s a storm brewing…

It’d be foolish to sleep on quality hip-hop like this. Check the download link and track list below. If you like what you hear, get at Joulz at his blog or Twitter and be sure to let my man [II] Khal know what you think. Enjoy!

Back Cover

Joulz il & RTD Present The il Before The Storm

Track List:

1. Come Home With Me
2. When Was The Last Time
3. How Cool Is He (featuring Original Soul)
4. Whutdatiz
5. Getting It In
6. Respect & Take Note
7. Focus
8. You’ll Remember This
9. Imagine That (Pain Rmx)
10. Help Me
11. Better Days
12. It’s Over



Name That Sample #10

Name That Sample

Here goes the tenth installment of HTT’s Name That Sample. See if you can name the original artist and song, in addition to the the sampling artist and song.

Hint: Dip Set!

Name That Sample #10

[Edit] Shouts to Beewirks for the correct answer. This one was pretty easy, I know. The original song is Dorothy Moore “Too Blind To See,” flipped by the Heatmakerz for Cam’ron’s “Purple Haze” off Diplomatic Immunity back in 2003. Also, thanks for the feedback Bee.

I wanna take some time to get your opinion on this series, to let me know how it’s going thus far by answering a couple questions:

-Do you enjoy it?

-Is it informative?

-Is it too difficult? Too easy?

-What do you think about UserShare and DivShare? Would you rather I use ZShare?

[FYI – The reason I’d only use these three are for the preview/stream function. I don’t want you to have to download the tracks before you listen, previewing apabilities is a must.]

-What would you do differently if you were me?

I have some ideas about how I’d want to proceed, I’d just love to hear what my loyal readers think before I do anything.

I greatly appreciate the feedback in advance. Good luck!

Corleone, Hold the Throne



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