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My Letter To Jay Electronica

Jay Electronica

Dear Jay,

We miss you, man.

And by “we,” I speak on behalf of hip-hop heads everywhere. Not that make-it-rain, bubble-gum, I’ve-got-more-swagger-than-you-and-your-crew hip-hop. I mean that life-blood, pockets-full-of-hope, do-it-cause-you-got-nothing-else hip-hop.

You gave us a pledge, we listened. You warred against bullshit using your style, we followed. You saluted, you revenged, you boxed, you produced a gem.. And we hoped. We hoped that THIS was a pivotal piece of the puzzle to revive our ever-deteriorating art form.

Just recently, you put on a brain-blowing exhibit. Even though we heard it before, we needed desperately to hear it again.

Still, it’s like I haven’t heard from you in years. It’s right now that we need you more than ever. You’re one of the few artists that has never strayed from what makes hip-hop genuine music: You are real. You don’t front. You ain’t a gimmick.

Which is why I, as a person with kicks, snares, sample loops, and microphone reverberations running through his veins, is begging you for something new.

I know you’ve got a newborn baby, congratulations by the way. I know you’re goin’ through stuff with Erykah, I just hope she didn’t do you like Common.

I understand life gets in the way of music sometimes. So, I’ve been patient but I can’t keep quiet anymore. My love for hip-hop won’t let me. Help me justify to everyone that I tell that you’re damn near the best lyricist hip-hop has heard in a decade. Give me something I can push on site, that I can buy in the stores, to help real hip-hop emerge from its subterranean realms.

I leave you with your own quote, that it might inspire you to give hip-hop what it wants needs.

Life is like a dice game

One roll could land you in jail,

Or cuttin’ cake, blowin’ kisses in the rice rain

I’m ready to roll. Are you?




Now She’s Gone

 Collie Buddz

Here comes a new riddim from Bermudian Collie Buddz called “Now She’s Gone” produced by dancehall DJ Arif “SupaCoop” Cooper’s, off his new Relationship Riddim.

Bounce to some Island sounds as the rain clears away, Enjoy!

Collie Buddz – Now She’s Gone


Blue Break Beats (Blue Note Series) Volume 1

Blue Breaks

For those of us grinding it out this morning at the office, or wherever you at, here’s a solid collection of classic Blue Note jazz compositions that have been sampled throughout hip-hop’s history.

This is the first of four similar compilations by Blue Note Records. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Blue Note is THE premier jazz label of, well, all time.

You might recognize sax guru Lou Donaldson’s “Who’s Making Love” from a certain legendary BK rapper’s catalog (among others) or piano maestro Herbie Hancock’s “Oliloqui Valley” used by one of rap’s greatest DJ & MC combos.

Feel free to vibe out to these jazz classics this morning, remembering where hip-hop came from. Enjoy!

Download: Blue Break Beats (Blue Note Series) Volume 1

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Track List:

1. Grooving With Mr. G – Richard Groove Holmes
2. Sookie Sookie – Grant Green
3. Who’s Making Love – Lou Donaldson
4. Weasil – Donald Byrd
5. Kudu – Eddie Henderson
6. Harlem River Drive – Bobbi Humphrey
7. Blue Juice – Jimmy McGriff
8. The Final Comedown – Grant Green
9. Turtle Walk – Lou Donaldson
10. Your Love Is Too Much – The Three Sounds
11. Black Jack – Donald Byrd
12. Olilloqui Valley – Herbie Hancock

Corleone, Hold the Throne



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