Wale Is Not Happy About His Critics


The sun is in the sky
But I refuse to smile

-“The Sun”

Wale must be an avid reader of TRU and saw the furious comment section debate over contributing author Nahshon’s comparison to Soulja Boy and Drake on his Hip Hop Lunchroom post. Excerpt:

High on pop appeal and low on lyrical content, these are the artists who have capitalized on style alone.

Or, less likely of course *sarcasm for the slow folks*, he had to vent on the smack many critics are yapping about his career path right now.

No disrespect to Nahshon, because I can see how Wale’s choice to re-record “Chillin” with Lady Gaga could cause an uproar..

..But Soulja Boy?! Nah, son.

Luckily, Wale addressed the critics at various points during Back to the Feature, but none more direct or blatant of a jab than “The Sun” alongside a resurrected Memphis Bleek.

That’s enough out of me. Audio link is right below, you can also peep the lyrics I typed up for “The Sun” after the jump to follow along with he’s got to say, Enjoy!

Wale ft. Memphis Bleek – The Sun


How the fuck I’m gon’ smile?
See, y’all aggins got the wrong guy
The box that I’m in isn’t mine to be in
Must I remind you again, the mind is an engine
My drive isn’t drive, for it pilots
Because I’m popular to bloggers and pirates
The ignorant downgrading me to average
But they don’t even know half off the rapper
So they threw me in the skinny jeans crew

‘Cause I rap about shit that the people really do
If I got glocks, poppin that Picasso that proper
I’d rather rap about politicis and Prada
Gucci and bitches, and hip-hop business
I ain’t gotta pass stones like fucked up kidneys
To make y’all listen and ?create? my vision
While the real aggins hear it, bitch aggins gon whisper
Be great, rappers gassed like wind sprints
Wack rappers sound better when they disc skip
And look better with they wrist slit
Then, and only then, witll you mothafuckas see a grin


1 Response to “Wale Is Not Happy About His Critics”

  1. June 20, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    He’s no Plies, that’s for sure! I don’t understand why people thought I hate this guy. Oh well, my point was and is that since getting the deal, he’s doing what he’s gotta do to pay the mortgage. I don’t think that Chillin’ is the end of his saga with selling out but that’s just me.

    Back to the feature was ill and I will grant that because I love good music. But as I said with Andrew, I don’t think people realize that he’s letting his fans down, but if it continues they will.

    But man, dude can throw a live show!

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