Lights Please

J. Cole

I been listening to J. Cole’s mixtape The Warm Up after hearing & reading good things. I admittedly slept on dude before now for no apparent reason, which was a bad look on my part. The North Carolina MC is the only cat Shawn Carter has signed to his new imprint Roc Nation, so I had decided to let the new tape rotate.

One cut in particular caught my ear early. On “Lights Please,” Cole elaborates on the ups and downs (okay, mostly ups) of being intimate with the opposite sex – which we all know is no easy task, especially when one is trying to change the world.

He proceeds to drop knowledge, calls out dead-beat daddy’s, then eventually marinates in the sensuality of the female, um, “aura.”

Shouts to Complex Mag for the link and J Gill and B Dot for the heads up . I typed up some of the lyrics for “Lights Please” below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Download: J. Cole – The Warm Up

Hit the jump for lyrics

[Edit] I typed up the full lyrics after seeing that the Google Search “J Cole Lights Please Lyrics” brings up my blog as the first choice.


I had this lil’ bad thing, somethin’ like them 10’s
She gave a aggin mad brain, somethin’ like the Wiz
But you see the sad thing fuckin’ with her is
Is the chick ain’t even have brains, dummy like a bitch
So I tried to show her
About the world and about just who we really are
And where we’ve come and how we still have to go really far

Like baby look at how we live broke on the boulevard
But all she ever want me to do is unhook her bra
Then all I really want is for her to go down low
Before you know it, she wet enough to get drowned slow
And all that deep shit I was previously down fo’
Replaced by freak shit I am currently down fo’

You see I peeped that pussy is power
That proud feeling we get knowing that pussy is ours

And how it feels to feel that feeling you feelin’ when you be drillin’ that shit
Got her sayin’ you be killin’ that shit
And all the pain the world caused, she be healin’ that shit
And nah that ain’t your girl dog, but you be feelin’ that shit
And you just wanna tell her everything she might need
But in the meantime, it’s lights please


Lights please, lights please
Turn off the lights
For now everything just seems so right
And how you make the darkness seem so bright
Feelin’ like things gon be alright


So now we in the hotel, mirrors on the ceiling
She say she wanna blow L’s, I hear her and I’m willin’
But everytime I smoke, well a aggin mind gone
So that every word I spoke, well I’m tryin to put her on
But she couldn’t hear me
I told her all about how we been livin’ a lie
And that they love to see us all go to prison or die

Like baby look at how they show us on the TV screen
But all she ever want me to do is unzip her jeans
Then all I really want is for her to get on top
Before you know it, she workin’, jerkin’ it non-stop
And all that next shit I was previously talkin’
Is now that wet shit that I’m currently lost in
And while that sweat drips, I am reminded
All the times my brother told me that pussy is blindin’
I’m findin’

The more I grow, the more y’all seem to stay the same
Don’t even know the rules but yet y’all tryin’ to play the game
And ain’t it shameful how aggins blame hoes for givin’ birth
To a baby that took two to make
Coward aggin, you a fake

How you gon look in your son’s face and turn your back?
Then go start another family dog, what type of shit is that?
She said ‘It’s okay,’ rubbed my head and told me to relax
Laid a aggin down proper like she was recording tracks
Said “I know you wanna change the world, but for the night please
Just reach over and hit the lights please”

Chorus Then Fade


4 Responses to “Lights Please”

  1. 1 hanna
    September 9, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    And all that next shit I was previously talkin’
    Is now that wet shit that I’m currently lost in

    it is actually all that NECK shit

    • 2 domcorleone
      September 10, 2009 at 8:51 am

      I disagree.

      In the previous bars he says “I told her all about how we been livin’ a lie/ And that they love to see us all go to prison or die/ Like baby look at how they show us on the TV screen..”

      That’s what he’s referring to as “next shit” i.e. real shit, stuff that means something for the future, for seeds. He’s juxtapositioning talking about real shit with her just wanting to get sexual. That’s my take, and I’m sticking by it.

  2. 3 kay
    December 16, 2009 at 5:12 am

    check out the j cole vs drake mixtape at my blog. kywtoservu.blogspot.com Kossip World. Enjoy!

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