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Name That Sample #5

Steely Dan

[Edit] Nice call, Ivan! The original sample is Steely Dan “Peg,” used by Prince Paul to construct De La Soul’s “Eye Know” off 3 Feet High & Rising. De La fans and sample heads should stay tuned for a separate post soon dedicated to the song.

Okay, I’m forced to give a hint for this one because Kweli re-Tweeted my statement about hip-hop’s uninformed fanbase.

I’d wager that at least that percentage has NO clue who Steely Dan is, let alone that the band has provided some of the genre’s most recognizable samples.

Shit, youngins probably thought “Steely Dan” was just a dude’s name, perhaps a porn star they saw on YouPorn the other night in between drooling over Sonic the Glass Jaw Charles Hamilton videos. Come to think of it, I bet I could make a killing in the adult film industry as “Steely Dom.” Hmm..


I assume this one will be more difficult the younger you are, but try to guess the 1989 single inspired by the jazz-rock duo. An e-trophy if you know the producer, however that should be easy once you guess the track.

I’ve got a follow-up post coming as soon as someone hits up the comment section with the right answer soon, when I approve the comments. Best of luck! 

Name That Sample #5


Video: Party Crashers

This industry party’s officially been crashed!


Know this: This ain’t your grandmama’s hip-hop. You won’t catch Tor rhyming alongside the Jonas Brothers any time soon. No shots Common.

That’s why I got amped when I spotted this in my inbox, a brand new video for Marco Polo & Torae’s “Party Crashers” directed by Kris Shackman & Theo Bark.

If you haven’t grabbed Double Barrel like I did, I don’t know what more I can say. I’m a fan, first & foremost, so I support real music. Quit complaining about the economy and get a job, jux a hipster, I don’t care. Just do what you gotta do then go to Amazon or iTunes to get your copy.

Big thanks to Matt from MAC Media for the video. Play this as you crash one of them pretentious ass, tight-jeaned industry parties. Tell ’em Dom sent ya.


Life Goes On: Happy Birthday Tupac

Bury me smilin’ with G’s in my pocket
Have a party at my funeral, let every rapper rock it

-Tupac, “Life Goes On”

Tupac Amaru Shakur would have been 38 today.

This will be my lazy tribute since I’m at work and therefore unprepared to upload anything from my Pac collection. Allow me a moment to pay homage to hip-hop’s most passionate poet with five of his choice cuts, via YouTube.

Rest in Peace.


Crooked I – Dear Tupac (A Letter To Pac) (Komplex Remix) [Shouts to Adam]


Event Reminder: Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival 6/18 – 6/21

Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

From luminary MC’s Notorious B.I.G. & Big Daddy Kane to respected lyricists Jay-ZAZ, FabolousMos Def & Talib Kweli, from underground stalwarts Smif-N-Wessun, M.O.P., Black Moon & Jeru Da Damaja to famous females Lil’ Kim & Foxy Brown, there’s no denying Brooklyn’s impact on hip-hop history.

For the past 4 years, Brooklyn Bodega has celebrated the borough’s musical & cultural influence by hosting the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.  Hit the jump for more details about this year’s Festival.

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Royal Court & Sound Table 6/16/09

Royal Court 6/19/09

Royal Court:

[Edit] A Guy Gets Blown, And So Does My Mind (NSFW) [via Jump The TurnStyle]

Wale’s Back to the Feature Mixtape Finally Gets a Release Date [via 2DB]

Dart Adams’ 25 Producers You Need To Hear Now Roll Call [via Poisonous Paragraphs]

Christina Milian’s Maxim Spread [via Rock The Dub]

Track List for Wu-Tang Clan Chamber Music [via Def Thought]

DJ JS-1 No Sell Out Album Sampler [via Nah Right]

Lil’ Wayne Announces Tour Dates (..I’d Still Rather See Rock The Bells) [via RR]

Papoose Swaggacation FAIL [via Byron Crawford]

Mary J Blige Calls Drake a “Savior” (..And I proceed to puke) [via Necole  Bitchie]

Nike Dunk High Pro SB Gucci Preview [via Sneaker Files]


Sound Table:

Kid Cudi – Excuse My Mood [via Perajok]

Lupe Fiasco ft. Matthew Santos – Shining Down (via Broken Cool]

Organized Konfusion [Pharaohe Monch & Prince Poetry] – Then & Now [From Prince Po’s upcoming EP The X-Files](via Metal Lungies)

Slaughterhouse – D.O.A. Freestyle on Green Lantern (via illRoots)

Corleone, Hold the Throne



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