Four MC’s Jay-Z or Kanye Should Recruit to Battle Mos’ Crew

Mos Def

Mighty Mos Def fired another round of shots today directly at Jay-Z and Kanye West, this time on Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 radio show. Check out the audio here and here for proof, shouts to RR for the links.

Now, Black Dante envisions a monumental charity event with marching bands, DJs, B-boys and a whole lot of hoopla. What I’m focused on is the featured presentation: a battle between 2 teams of 5 MC’s for universal supremacy.. Or at least a month’s work of blog discussion.

Apparently Mos has already chosen his roster of Nas, Black Thought, Jay Electronica, and MF Doom. He called out Hov or ‘Ye to recruit four capable contestants to battle live in N’awlins at year’s end.

Call him what you want, however I think Mos is on to something here. Fans and critics always complain of a lackluster rap landscape, claiming there needs to be more face-to-face battles. Well here’s how it should go down if either hip-hop heavyweight were to accept this bold challenge:

Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli

Even Hov recognized that “if skills sold, truth be told, I’d probably be/ Lyrically, Talib Kweli” on the Black Album, so Mr. Greene should be first on Mr. Carter’s or Mr. West’s list of teammates. The MCEO is the perfect candidate for several reasons – he’s a pure lyricist, has proven himself a worthy performer, and you know he’s got some hilarious dirt on Mos that none of us have heard before.

He was even clowning Mos during their reunion show in New York! If a head-to-head Black Star battle doesn’t get you amped, visit a damn doctor ’cause I don’t think you have a pulse.

Evidence: Talib Kweli ft. Jean Grae – Say Something


Beanie Sigel

The Broad Street Bully is a no-brainer to be in either Roc representer corner, having collaborated on numerous occasions with each rapper. Since Nas would be matched up against Hov or ‘Ye, and Mos with Kweli, it’d be a Philly-born battle between Beans and Black Thought as an undercard bout.

Though at different ends of the spectrum, both have relentless rhymes, powerful verses and are well-respected. The only negative is that Beans hasn’t put out much lately. Still, this one’s too close to call on paper, so it needs to go down.

Evidence: Beanie Sigel ft. Cam’ron – Wanted (On The Run)


Royce Da 5’9

I know what you’re thinking: why not Eminem? Here’s why. Em may still be crazy, but he’s rusty. Sure he just put out Relapse and sold well, big deal. He’s unprepared for battle like Hatton against Pacquiao while Royce has been murdering verses left and right for years. The only thing Em was battling during that time was his demons.

Nickle Nine is arguably at the top of his game, with his digital LP Street Hop, digital EP The Revival AND the Slaughterhouse album dropping soon. I’d even go as far as saying he’s the most consistent battle-focused spitter in the crew. Pit him against a Jay Electronica who’s even rustier than Em or an MF Doom that isn’t accustomed to war, and it’s over.

Evidence: Slaughterhouse – Fight Club



To round out Team Hov/’Ye, I chose a sleeper. I realize Phontigallo is not known for battling and he’s more about Tweeting recently than songs. Hell, I don’t even know if Hov or ‘Ye knows who he is. But if you know anything about him, you can’t deny dude is hilarious.

No offense to Big Pooh, Phonte was always the highlight of Little Brother to me. His slick lines and comedic punchlines compliment the tough-guy persona of Royce to dismantle Mos’ underground choices.

Evidence: Little Brother – Playin To Lose

How about you, who would YOU want to see battle the team Mos chose? Leave a comment with your picks.

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