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Name That Sample #1

[Edit: I said it was easy, Ha! I closed the voting early simply ’cause everyone should already know this one. The sample is The Charmels – “As Long As I’ve Got You” and it was sampled by RZA for “C.R.E.A.M.” off Wu-Tang’s classic LP Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers.

Y’all think you’re smart, huh? Wait ’til the next go-around, I’ll try to stump you then.]

New blog, new series. It’s pretty simple. I upload a sample, you guess which hip-hop song used it, gotta tell me the artist and the album. Bonus points awarded if you can name the original artist and song title.

Oh, and I’ve stripped the song of any tags to avoid any Google-induced cheating. I also turned comment moderation so you can’t see what other folks have said.

We’ll start it with an easy one, it’s from a Top 5 LP of all time. You’ve got 24-hours, leave your guess in the comment section. Let’s go!

Hold the Throne Name That Sample #1

[Ivan or Kevin, you hush until the voting is over, Ha!]


Kid Cudi Roots Picnic Videos

Kid Cudi – I Poker Her Face (Live @ The Roots Picnic 6/6/09) from on Vimeo.

Okay, I’m having trouble embedding video so for now I just have the links. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Since I was standing literally right next to him, I’ll post this footage that the homie BMUSE shot during Kid Cudi’s performance at The Roots picnic this past Saturday.

He performs a personal favorite of mine “Poke Her Face” and “Cudi Spazzin”.. And the crowd goes wild.

I’ve got more coverage of The Roots picnic coming later, including my pictures and review.

Via mikewaxx. Hit the jump for “Cudi Spazzin’,” Enjoy!

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Corleone Hold the Throne


Out with the old, in with the new. That’s the perfect way to describe my migration from Blogger to WordPress and this brand new blog. You may know me from my old site, or you may not know me at all, but either way I appreciate you hopping on board for my new endeavor. Please hit me up with a comment or e-mail to let me know what you think of the new look.

I figured with my first post I’d explain my inspiration for the new direction. Taking a page from the book of Harlem-bred Lamont “Big L” Coleman, one of history’s best lyricists, I borrowed a lyric for my blog name from his “98 Freestyle” from Stretch & Bobbito’s radio show (veteran heads remember that one).

The cut originally appeared on L’s Big Picture which he was recording when he was murdered. Luckily, for hip-hop fans, he left a shitload of a capellas and freestyles that we can now rock for all eternity.

Why not start off with a bang? I got a true gem here, a vinyl-only pressing of Big L’s Harlem’s Finest: A Freestyle History Vol. 1 & 2. Here you’ll find the full-length “98 Freestyle” among more hot fiyah (no Dylan) than you can fathom.

Bear with me as I’m still getting used to WP. Good looks on checking in, Enjoy!

’98 Freestyle with Stretch & Bobbito (Lyrics)


Big L – Harlem’s Finest: A Freestyle History Vol. 1 & 2

Track List:

1. “Interview Intro”
2. “Rock N. Wills Audition”
3. “Stretch & Bobbito” ’92”
4. “Stretch & Bobbito” ’93”
5. “Stretch & Bobbito” ’94”
6. “Stretch & Bobbito” ’95 (feat. Jay-Z)
7. Stretch & Bobbito” ’95 Pt. II” (feat. Jay-Z)
8. “139 – Tony Touch”

9. “Universal Freestyle”
10. “My Niggaz – Doo Wop”
11. “Stretch & Bobbito 98” (Full-Length)
12. “Roc Raida Mixtape”
13. “Flamboyant I”
14. “Flamboyant Pt. II” (feat. Royal Flush)
15. “Kay Slay Freestyle”
16. “Devil’s Son” (Live In Amsterdam)
17. “Nigga Please” (feat. Stan Spit & McGruff)
18. “How Will I Make It”
19. “Final Four Interview”

Corleone, Hold the Throne



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